June Shannon’s Rumored Boyfriend’s Molestation Victim Revealed

Here Comes Honey Boo Boo matriarchal figure June Shannon’s rumored new man has had his molestation victim revealed, this being done by the victim herself. The eight-year-old Mark McDaniel was put away for 10 years for abusing is none other than Shannon’s own daughter, Anna Cardwell.

Cardwell contacted popular gossip website TMZ in order to inform them that she was the child in question, and that the inappropriate conduct McDaniel was sentenced for was exhibited upon her. The 20-year-old married mother of one reportedly wanted the public to know that she was the victim because it would alert both the media and her mother of the seriousness regarding the affiliation, more particularly her mother. Cardwell says that she was on her mother’s side to begin with, believing her statement that there was no involvement whatsoever with the man and that the media had blown everything out of proportion in order to get a story. However, the girl says that the information she has received since the story first broke have made her certain that Shannon is involved with the man who abused her, and therefore she feels her relationship with her mother is now ruined.

Cardwell has given the statement that her mother is no longer allowed to see her granddaughter, two-year-old Kaitlyn Cardwell, unless she cuts all ties with McDaniel for good. Cardwell is adamant that she will not place her own daughter at risk for the same kind of incident that she was subjected to, regardless of whether Shannon and McDaniel are just friends or not. She is extremely set on her decision that her mother will not have any sort of involvement with the child ever again should she not cease any kind of contact with the man, regardless of the mother’s intentions.

TLC is said to have already reached out to Cardwell to offer her counseling services, something they were adamant about giving Shannon’s four daughter’s should they require it in the aftermath of both the show’s cancellation and their mother’s alleged actions. Network honchos made it very clearly that the welfare and happiness of the now axed show’s children were their first and foremost priority, and that they would do everything they could to help the girls in any way possible in the coming time period. Not only did this offer include counseling, but also tutoring so the girls could continue to get the best education possible in light of the recent circumstances. Network heads also made the decision to no longer air any further episodes of the show, even though the formerly coming season has already been wrapped up in terms of filming. Although this is said to be a huge financial wound in terms of the network’s success, they feel that the best interests of the children come first and therefore ceasing any further airing is the best way to go.

The show’s future had been in jeopardy since Shannon’s split with long-time partner Sugar Bear (Mike Thompson), who was father to the program’s star Alana Thompson. The two separated last month amidst rumors that he had been unfaithful via various online dating websites, most significantly PlentyOfFish, on which he is said to have created an account in which he actively sought alternative long-term companionship. Thompson has since denied the allegations, telling reporters that he did not cheat on his partner and that the rumors were flat-out untrue. In regards to the recent rumors regarding his ex’s potential involvement with said child molester, Thompson has not given any statement. He arrived at the family’s McIntyre home earlier today, although it is not yet known whether or not he was there for confrontation or support.

It remains to be seen whether June Shannon will heed her daughter’s advice and stay way from her rumored new partner in order to continue any involvement with her granddaughter. Shannon has yet to respond to Anna Cardwell’s recent public statement regarding McDaniel and what transpired back in 2004.

By Rebecca Grace

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