Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez: Will Their Love Saga Ever End?

BieberAccording to the latest rumours, Justin Bieber is not ready to give up on his relationship with Selena Gomez and while he is doing everything he can to win her back, it really seems like their love saga will never end. Reportedly, Bieber even went seeking advice and help from his mother, Pattie Mallette.

Selena and Justin reconciled (again) earlier this year, allegedly because he was promising to marry her, however, she dumped Biebs after he had dinner with Kendall Jenner in Paris earlier this month. Justin then told Selena that he was grabbing dinner with his security team, but when she found out the truth, she was reportedly furious, since this was not the first time that he lied and went behind her back. Gomez told him that their relationship is over (again) and Bieber has been trying to get her back ever since.

Well, according to some latest reports, Justin now seeks help from his mother, since Selena loves Pattie and he knows that she is not going to ignore her calls. Furthermore, Justin’s mother reportedly loves it when Selena and her son are together, because she knows how happy and grounded this relationship makes Justin. When Biebs and Gomez are together, he (allegedly) lives a healthy life, so this is one of the main reasons why Pattie wants to see them get back together. Justin’s mother reportedly already managed to get the two of them back together in the past, so if anyone can do it this time, she can. But can she?

While Justin is desperately trying to get the love of his life back, Selena appears to be moving on with her life. Just a couple of days ago, Gomez was spotted when she was walking just few steps ahead Orlando Bloom, as they were both leaving the LAX Airport. Well, Bloom and Gomez were already spotted together earlier this year when they hang out at Chelsea Handler‘s Uganda Be Kidding Me Live Show and many reports then suggested that the two of them are romantically involved. After that, Bieber and Orlando even got into a fight at the end of July and Orlando punched Justin. It seems like the history is repeating itself, since after her breakup with Justin, Selena is once again linked to Orlando.

Talk about love drama here! Many Jelena fans are wondering why is Justin trying so hard to get her back, since he destroys everything as soon as Selena gives him another chance. So why would it be any different this time? Earlier this year, Gomez reportedly dumped Bieber over Kyle Jenner and this time, she dumped him over Kendall Jenner. If Biebs really cared so much about Selena, he probably would not just go and make same mistakes over and over again.

The truth is that the world has probably had enough of this Jelena love drama and maybe it is time for these two love-birds to spread their wings and move on with their lives – separately, of course. And if they are truly meant to be, they will eventually find their way back together.

Opinion by: Janette Verdnik

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