Justin Bieber Reportedly Avoided Miranda Kerr at Paris Fashion Week Event

Justin Bieber reportedly pulled out all the stops in order to avoid Australian model Miranda Kerr at an event that took place in Paris, France during Fashion Week 2014. The event in question took place on Sept. 30, 2014.

The Canadian pop star reportedly attended the CR Fashion Book Party on Tuesday, a star-studded event that included such high-profile celebrities as Pars Hilton, Kris and Kendall Jenner, Kim Kardashian, and Bieber’s on-again-off-again girlfriend Selena Gomez. The 20-year-old reportedly was desperate to maintain his distance from Kerr, an attempt that is said to stem from his conflict with Lord of the Rings star Orlando Bloom that took place at the end of July. The two became involved in a physical altercation at a restaurant in Ibiza which escalated into a fist fight, reportedly starting after the Baby singer asked for a high-five and the British actor blew him off. A video recording of the incident showed the star scream out “What’s up, b*tch” in response to Bloom’s dismissal of his friendly advances. The beef between Bieber and Bloom is said to have started over the latter’s former wife’s reported involvement with the Canadian pop star, which is rumored to have occurred after a 2012 Victoria’s Secret Fashion show. A year later, Bloom and Kerr announced their separation. Shortly after this event, Bloom was seen in close company to Bieber’s then ex-girlfriend Gomez, what was speculated to be a vengeance filled photo-op in order to aggravate the pop-star. Representatives for Gomez said that the photograph illustrated nothing more than a smoke break between the two, and further reports stated that Bloom was simply providing emotional support for the Texas native during her time of need, as she had just recently cut off ties with the singer once again.

The Juno award winner has certainly been receiving his fair share of media attention in the past few days. He was recently seen in the company of Keeping Up With The Kardashians star Kendall Jenner, with reports stating that the two had enjoyed a romantic dinner together at a four star restaurant in Paris, France. The pair was seen enjoying champagne and laughing freely while in the country for separate reasons; Jenner was in France for Europe’s fashion week, and Bieber was enjoying a trip with his reportedly on-again girlfriend Gomez. The dinner raised some eyebrows considering the previous fall-out Gomez had with the Jenner sisters back in June, when she referred to them as toxic and stated that their tendency to involve themselves with drugs and alcohol was not something she wanted to be associated with herself, as she felt it would distract her from her primary goal of making music. Sources close to the Baby chart-topper say that his dinner with Jenner was nothing less than innocent, as he spent the aforementioned Fashion Week event telling everyone who would listen that Gomez was beautiful and detailing his claims surrounding how happy the two of them were now that they were back together.

It remains to be seen what reason, if any, Justin Bieber had for allegedly avoiding Miranda Kerr at Tuesday’s Fashion Week in Paris, France. Neither he, Kerr, nor their representatives have yet given any statement surrounding the matter.

By Rebecca Grace

Mail Online
Us Weekly
Sydney Morning Herald

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