Kentucky Boy Critically Injured in Sexual Assault Posted on Snapchat


Kentucky officials on Thursday revealed that a 15-year-old teen was critically injured after being  violently sodomized by two adult males and two teen boys. The sexual assault was recorded, posted on Snapchat and shared via cell phone.

According to Captain Chris Miller of the sheriff’s department in Christian County, the attack took place during a party at a home on Lafayette Road in the western Kentucky town of Hopkinsville. The victim had allegedly passed out, after which the assailants are alleged to have used an object to sodomize him. The perpetrators of the attack included one minor and three adult men, but five people have been arrested. Four are charged for the attack itself, while the fifth is facing charges related to the possession of the video. Charges related to the promotion and the distribution of the attack footage relate to the posting of the video on Snapchat by the accused.

Among those arrested is 19-year-old Tyler Riess Perry. He is facing charges of sodomy in the first degree, the use of a minor in a sexual performance, tampering with evidence and promoting the sexual performance of a minor. His bond is set at $100,000.

Dayton Ross Jones is 20. He has been charged with sodomy in the first degree, the use of a minor in a sexual performance, distributing images of a minor in a sexual performance and promoting the sexual performance of a minor. His bond is set at $1,000,000. Perry and Ross were arrested without incident and booked in the Christian County Jail.

Sam Miller, 18, was the last to be arrested by the Metro Sex Crimes Unit in Louisville, Kentucky. Miller is accused of first degree sodomy, using and promoting a minor in a sex performance and distributing a portrayal of a sexual act involving a minor. He was to be transported Thursday to Christian County and is being held on a $1,000,000 bond.

Two 17-year-old males are not being identified because they are minors. One has been charged with sodomy in the first degree and tampering with evidence. The other is charged with owning and watching a portrayal of a sexual act by a minor. They were both transported to the Designated Workers Office of Christian County to be processed.

Although the victim’s condition has gotten better since he was admitted with life-threatening injuries early Sunday to Gateway Medical Center in Clarksville, Tennessee; as of Thursday, the Hopkinsville High School sophomore remained in intensive care. There is no information available as to why the victim was not taken to a Kentucky hospital, but rather was transported to the center in Clarksville.

Sources who are close to the victim’s family told NewsChannel 5 that the assault resulted in injuries to the boy’s bladder and the puncture of his colon, which caused him to develop a deadly infection. The sources say that the teen has recovered from the infection.

Authorities have kept details of the assault close to their chests as well as any possible motive. The attackers and the victim were acquaintances and all hailed from Hopkinsville, Kentucky. The investigation into the assault continues and authorities are expecting to make more arrests in the case.

By Jennifer Pfalz

Fox News
The Leaf Chronicle

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  1. S. Odomy   November 1, 2014 at 6:21 am

    Boys will be boys, no?

  2. Ferdalicious   October 18, 2014 at 6:05 pm

    This is so sickening! I can’t believe there are individuals like this!!!
    Thank goodness the victim’s health is improving. And thank goodness those sicko perps are being detained. I hope they get the sentences they deserve!

    This is why you should party responsibly and with responsible people!

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