Las Vegas Protest March Begins Over Union Question

Las Vegas

Around 6 pm local time, a protest march of workers from the Station Casino began at the Palo Verde High School headed to a rally at Red Rock in Las Vegas over the right to choose for themselves about the question of whether or not to unionize. Workers have been protesting monthly to pressure the casino to allow them “fair process” and the right to vote on whether or not to join a union. At the march, Director of Digital strategy for the Culinary Workers Union, Local 226, Bethany Khan, stated that the Station Casino had been found guilty 88 times of violating the rights of workers in complaints filed by the National Labor Relations Board, more than any other Las Vegas casino. She said that workers were not specifically asking for the right to unionize, but the right to choose for themselves whether or not to have a union. The casino has reportedly denied them the opportunity to make that choice, and this is the largest point of contention sparking this protest. Currently the rally is getting underway at Red Rock.

By Jim Malone

Live viewing of event, and interview with Bethany Khan at Palo Verde High School, Las Vegas, NV

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