Legends Two Hour Season One Finale (Recap and Review)

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Legends Two Hour Season One Finale (Recap and Review)

Legends with its two hour season one finale sees Martin Odum being held and beaten by the Saudi security team of Prince Fayeen. As they rough Odum up, they threaten his family, Martin responds by telling his interrogator that he is going to kill the man. In last week’s episode the prince’s men broke into his old home and took Sonya and his son. When they call Martin, his wife attacks the men and gets the worst of it. Odum tells his captors that he will give them what they want. They unwisely untie the agent who then summarily overpowers them all.

When Martin calls the DCO office, Gates has to tell his man that Sonya and Aiden are missing. Odum brings Bashir into the office to interrogate the man his way, Crystal tells him that Bashir’s daughter and wife will die unless he talks. The prince’s man reveals that Arcadia told his boss that Martin was FBI. Al-Kanazer does not know where Martin’s family is.

Odum finds out from Gates that he was in Iraq and that the agent was handed over to him in order to help save his life. Aiden grabs his mother’s phone and sends a text asking for help. Martin learns that Gates knows next to nothing about Odum’s past and when the agent asks about Sonya, Gates tells him to ask her himself.

Using the cell phone Maggie triangulates the signal and Martin, Tony Rice and Crystal rescue Aiden and Sonya. The government tell the DCO to drop the case against Prince Fayeen and tell the FBI that Bashir will be prosecuted for the assassination of Prince Abboud. Odum storms out of the meeting saying that the whole thing is a disgrace. Crystal goes to her father to ask for help on Operation Raining Fire to aid Martin Odum.

Deputy Director Spiller reveals that Odum is of many legends but he does not know who Martin really is, he does say that Verax does know. Crystal’s father explains that Operation Raining Fire was the biggest and worst friendly fire incident in the Iraq war. Martin is asked by Spiller to find John Cameron and stop what the man is doing, he mentions that if anyone knows who Odum really is outside of the legends, Cameron does.

The Arcadia Council Chairman is disposed of and Martin comes home after leaving Tony with Sonya and Aiden for protection. Odum begins asking Sonya some hard questions, like why his wife lied to him about being in a car accident and not in Iraq and why she did not tell him that Matin Odum was the latest of many legends. Sonya tells Martin that she is afraid that if she tells him the truth he will not love her anymore.

As the two are talking, he notices that the guard from outside is missing and the house comes under fire, narrowly missing the couple inside. Martin kills one intruder and goes on the offensive after giving Sonya a gun. he takes care of the men who surrounded the house and Sonya is shot and needs help. As Odum’s wife is on the stretcher, she tells her husband that she is a former CIA agent assigned to protect him from learning who he was in order to protect him. She reveals that she fell in love with Martin and quit the agency and her prior legends to have a real life with her husband and son.

When Martin asks her what his real name is she replies that she was not allowed to know, her heart then stops beating. It turns out that Sonya saved Martin’s life in a Landstuhl, Germany hospital when a hitman was assigned to kill him. As she takes Odum to safety he asks who she is and Sonya replies that she is his wife. Later Sonya has been stabilized and Aiden reunites with his dad in her hospital room.

Crystal tells Martin what she learned about Operation Raining Fire and that the Iraqis are trying to cover things up. The agent reveals to McGuire that Martin Odum is one of many legends and that his identity is a lie. Spiller briefs his DCO team on Verax and John Cameron. Arcadia and Verax are setting up the FBI agent to take a fall for Cameron.

Checking the bodies of the men who Martin killed, the team find tattoos on the men’s forearms, it turns out that Odum has the same alpha-numeric tattoo on his arm. One of the dead men is a former Green Beret. Crystal, Martin and Tony head to Cameron’s apartment and while they are searching it Cameron calls Odum. In the season one finale of Legends, the undercover agent is no closer to learning who he really is at this point in the show.

The three FBI agents find money in the apartment and trace the serial numbers. They find out that the money is part of a shipment of cash stolen in Iraq by Cameron who killed American soldiers when he took the money. Tony asks Martin if he was part of the theft and Crystal tells the two men that they traced where Cameron made his call, at a motel, and they go to pick him up.

At the motel, they find evidence that the man was there. They decide to leave and two SUV’S attack the agents’ car causing it to roll. Odum is picked up and taken from Crystal and Rice. Gates tells Spiller that he is not pleased about his people being attacked with no protection. Tony Rice is angry at all the secrets and he braces McGuire demanding to know who Odum really is. Crystal could know since Maggie told her that Martin’s bio looked like any other legends file and not a real one but she does not tell Rice anything.

In Legends Martin is taken to the Verax bunker in Los Angeles where he meets with Jason Shaw who he worked for in Iraq and he learns that he was an agent for MI6. He is injected with sodium pentothal and Shaw starts asking Martin questions, it is all about the stolen money. Odum remembers that Shaw killed the soldiers and Jason tells him he did nothing to stop the killing. He was caught taking pictures of the stolen money and they beat him till he admitted working for MI6.

It is revealed that Odum was released by Evans, another fatality from Iraq, and that the MI6 agent called in Operation Raining Fire to stop Shaw and his men. While calling it in, using the code Broken Arrow which means a friendly location being overrun by the enemy, Shaw shoots Martin and then takes him outside to finish him off. As Shaw starts to shoot Odum in the head the fire rains down from the sky.

Odum learns that John Cameron was one of his own legends in Iraq and Shaw is setting him up to be blamed for a sniper attack on Director Bennett. Crystal and Rice show up and find Martin/John holding the sniper rifle and they tell their colleague that he needs to get out. While Gates and his crew are trying to find out what is happening “Martin” shows up on their computer screens claiming that he killed Bennett.

In the Legends season one finale Martin has found out that he is not Odum, that character is one of many legends he has taken on. Sadly it looks like John Cameron is another legend, one that he used in Iraq. It remains to be seen how just how many more legends the agent has to go through to learn the truth. DCO is closed down, Spiller turns out to be a baddie after all and Gates as well as Crystal believe that Martin is innocent. The government is determined to prosecute Odum with the aid of Jason Shaw’s good friend Senator Corman. Martin gets help from Gates with a new identity. With the entire world looking for him Martin heads into the shadows as his file and all his legends are classified by the government. In Legends, Sean Bean still lives, hopefully for another season at least. The show has been compelling and a great thriller/mystery. Definitely one of the better new programs on television.

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