Miranda Cosgrove Granted Three Year Restraining Order Against Fan

Former iCarly star Miranda Cosgrove has been granted a three-year restraining order against the fan who threatened suicide and sent her disturbing pictures in order to get her attention. The order was granted in a Los Angeles courtroom on the morning of October 9th, 2014.

Joshua Stockton has been legally ordered to stay at minimum 100 yards from the actress, and is not to attempt to contact her by any means whatsoever over the next three years. He is also required to turn over any weapons he may currently possess. The man showed up at the hearing reportedly looking very disoriented, and dressed in an extremely bizarre manner. When the judge in question asked Stockton to provide his age, he reportedly responded that he needed to check his driver’s licence to be sure. The order is the result of a temporary restraining order Cosgrove requested near the end of September, filing documents expressing her fear for both her safety as well as his.

The 21-year-old requested the protection following several months of Stockton allegedly stalking her, sending her unwanted gifts, and then proceeding to send pictures of self-inflicted injuries following the rejection of contact. She claimed that the man was obsessively combing through her Twitter and other various social media accounts in order to pinpoint where she could be next, in order to show up and further try to pursue a relationship with her. He is said to have frequently haunted both Disneyland and the University of Southern California, the two places at which Cosgrove spends most of her time. He would constantly send her various gifts, of which her people would instantly send back. Stockton eventually became frustrated with this lack of progress, and is said to have taken pictures of his own slit wrist and a shot of the rejected gifts in the background. He sent the actress the pictures via social media, with a caption that detailed how tired he was of not receiving any affection back and how he was contemplating ending it all if her rejection continued. He ended his message by threatening to use electricity to end his life if Cosgrove did not respond in an adequate and timely manner.

Cosgrove is not the only high-profile young actress to recently be granted a restraining order from someone they feel is threatening both their safety and livelihood. Modern Family actress Sarah Hyland was just a few days ago granted a restraining order of the same time span, to her ex-boyfriend and fellow Geek Charming co-star Matt Prokop, whom she dated for four years. Hyland claims the four years were spent being abused both emotionally and physically, and ended the relationship at the end of August after Prokop allegedly pinned her to a car by her throat following a disagreement regarding her outfit. The breakup led to the actor threatening both Hyland and her dog, which led to the acquiring of said restraining order. She has since been given a bodyguard to escort her safely through her day.

It remains to be seen whether or not further protective measures will be required in order to ensure Miranda Cosgrove’s safety following the three-year restraining order being granted against the aforementioned fan. For now, however, no reports of a bodyguard of the like have yet been disclosed.

By Rebecca Grace

Mail Online

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