Nazi Competition for Miss Hitler 2014


Of the 1.09 billion people considered deeply infected with anti-Semitic attitudes, an apparently pressing question among them is discovering the identity of the most desirable of them all. Votes are now being cast for Miss Hitler on VKontakte, the equivalent of Facebook in Russia. Although her identity has yet to be determined, one thing that can be said with certainty is that at least 0.19 percent of the world’s population – its 13 million Jews – would answer “none of the above” if such an option existed.

The grand and glorious pageant is officially named “Miss Ostland,” apparently after the German occupation force in eastern Europe during World War II, Reichskommissariat Ostland. One of Ostland’s objectives, like the Nazi Party itself – and similar to the codified goals of the contemporary group, Hamas – was the complete annihilation of the world’s Jewish population. Schutzstaffel (SS) death squads operating on behalf of Reichskommissariat Ostland slaughtered millions and was primary in implementing the Nazi’s Final Solution of the Jewish question. Almost all of the millions of lives that were snuffed out were civilians: Polish intelligentsia, political officials, Jews, and Gypsies.

The criteria for entering the competition includes the following: be a woman, be a Nazi, hate Jews, be a member of the VKontakte group, post a “sexy Nazi picture” and get other Nazis to like that picture. Not surprisingly, the supposedly beautiful anti-Semitic online competitors are all very white and, sadly, quite young. The Vkontakte page hosting the event describes its owners as a group of Russians and Ukrainians paying homage to Adolf Hitler, modern history’s best known provider of wholesale human carnage. The woman whose picture receives the most likes will be declared the winner.

Oddly, although desirous of murder, the neo-Nazis promoting this grand exhibition are not malevolent. Contestants are not allowed to bad-mouth the pictures of others. The Nazi babe who receives the most likes will receive the historic, first-ever title of of Miss Ostland, surely opening doors of opportunity for that final, selected testament to the horrors of human ignorance.

In the wake of Israel’s recent military operation to stop Islamist militant group Hamas’ rockets and tunnels into its borders, Jews around the world have been attacked. Once again, chants of “Jews to the gas!” and “Death to Jews!” have been heard in Europe. But other anti-Semitic activities have also surged elsewhere, from Canada to Chile, Argentina to France. Jewish synagogues have been attacked, cultural centers trashed and Jewish individuals have sustained street beatings. Ironically, Israel and Jews themselves were compared to Nazis.

A basic right for all humans is the right to protest. As such, any considered criticisms of Israel’s tactics deserve to be heard. But when Jewish institutions are threatened, vandalized, and violence is committed against individual Jews by virtue of their DNA, that is not criticism, it is anti-Semitism.

Following are the contenders for the title of Miss Hitler:

naziHailing from St. Petersburg, Ekaterina Matveeva says that “Adolf Hitler’s position is genius and true,” and that races vary in intelligence.


Kievite Irina Nagrebetskaya enjoys goth metal music and posting Adolf Hitler quotes on her social media accounts. She says, without attribution, that Adolf Hitler “has been given eternal life.”


Anastasia Ageeva has this quote from Adolf Hitler on her profile page: “To love no one is the greatest gift.” S


Another Ukrainian, Elena Bernatskaya, is testing the strategy that sex sells by displaying a number of supposedly sexy images of herself for the anti-Semites judging her to dote over. Observation: neo-Nazis’ prefer is to destroy the bodies of Jews while worshiping those of their brethren.


Moscovite Alina Voronina admits to a chilhood infatuation with the Third Reich. She spends her free time on the most-delightful hobby of Holocaust revisionism.


Finally is the blanched-white Belarusian Katya Shkredova, who often poses for selfies, always in her favorite Nazi hat. She “adores Adolf” and says what she loves most about Hitler is his determination to “experiment on people.”

Prizes for the winner and runners up include a “Magic Workshop” rune bracelet and a chic, modified German Iron Cross pendant.

Opinion by Gregory Baskin

The Independent

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  1. alex   October 20, 2014 at 11:53 am

    insane and stupid

  2. Gregory Baskin   October 19, 2014 at 2:39 pm

    An additional source for this story is the Anti-Defamation League:

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