Revenge: Disclosure (Recap/Review)

revengeThere is only one word that can describe the Disclosure episode of Revenge. Explosive! The creators of the show most definitely know what to bring on the menu, so that the viewers stay glued in front of the TV throughout the entire episode.

Disclosure continues where the previous episode ended. Victoria was abducted by David Clarke, who miraculously came back from the dead. Vicky wakes up in David’s beach house and she cannot believe her eyes when she sees the man she once loved. David demands the truth, so he asks her if she betrayed him. Victoria is quiet at first, but when Clarke turns around to leave, she tells him that she did not have a choice and that she was scared. She says that she regretted that moment ever since and just when it looks like the two of them will kiss and make up, David grabs Vicky’s throat.

When Victoria wakes up again, she is in a driving van, with David behind the wheel. He pulls over somewhere in the woods and as he opens the door at the back of the van, Victoria kicks him into the face and she starts running. However, she does not make it far and David saves her life as she almost gets hit by a truck.

Meanwhile, Emily is on the phone with the director of the mental hospital and since Victoria escaped, Ems orders him to erase her records. After that, she asks Nolan to track Victoria, because it is time that the two of them end it for good.

Margaux is making a plan with Daniel, since they both want Gideon out of the picture. Daniel cuts all tires on his car and Gideon almost misses an important meeting because of that. However, when he takes the control of the situation, he has no idea that he just took the bait. Daniel intercepts Gideon before his important meeting and he tells him to stay away from his sister. Gideon walks away and it seems like Daniel has a meeting with some reporter there. Back at his table, Gideon is trying to impress the man, with whom he tries to make a deal with. However, a woman approaches and she accuses Gideon of stealing something from her. As she reaches into his pocket, she finds drugs and it seems like the deal is off. Daniel’s smile reveals that it was all perfectly planned, as the journalist he was with rushes from the bar in order to write the story.

David locks Victoria into some kind of dungeon cell and again, he asks her if she betrayed him. Vicky tells him that he is the love of her life and that she was convinced that he was stabbed to death. However, David admits that he passed out after being stabbed and when he woke up, he was not in prison anymore. Even though Victoria wishes to find out more, Clarke tells her that he came back to be with her and Charlotte. He says that he failed to protect Amanda, who is now dead and it is obvious that David has no idea that his daughter is still alive. Victoria remains silent and she does not tell him that Amanda is still alive and well. Clarke also confesses that he killed Conrad and he tells Vicky that he did it for her.

Charlotte catches Gideon with another woman and as she overhears their conversation, she realizes that she was just using her. She calls her brother, who is less than sympathetic. In fact, he is glad that she got rid of Gideon. However, Charlotte is desperate and she has no one to talk to. Emily comes there, because she wants to speak to Charlotte, but she has no idea what just happened. As she looks up, Charlotte is standing on the roof top and Emily runs up in order to try to talk her out of jumping. However, Charlotte looks really lost and Jack’s partner saves her in the last second. After she gets released from the hospital, Jack brings Charlotte to Emily’s old house. Ems admits that she is the one who kidnapped her and she says that she did a wrong thing, but for the right reason. A shocking moment happens as Emily confesses that she is her sister Amanda. The two of them have an honest conversation and Ems tells her sister many thing about her past. However, when she shows Charlotte the box with David’s journals, she loses it. Charlotte tells Emily that she chose revenge over her and then she leaves.

Gideon comes to Margaux’s office and he is furious. He realizes that Daniel told her about the redhead and when she asks him if he killed her, Gideon replies that he did and that he will do the same to her and Daniel. Margaux gets scared, so she organizes another meeting, which will take place in London. She escorts her brother to the airport, but judging by the sparks in her eyes, she has something planned. Dogs start barking at Gideon and as the security searches him, they find drugs and Gideon gets arrested.

Few hours after their argument, Emily receives Charlotte’s phone call and they meet at the Stowaway. Charlotte gives her sister a letter, saying that she rather wrote what she has to say, because she would lose her temper if she would say it out lout. However, while Emily is reading the letter, Charlotte hits her and Ems passes out. She then pours gasoline all over the place and sets up the fire. Emily is still unconscious and Charlotte escapes. While the Stowaway is burning, Charlotte is walking away and there is no sign of any remorse on her face.

The second episode of Revenge surely ended in an unexpected way. Since there is no Revenge without Emily, she will most likely survive the fire, but the question is what happens next. Charlotte is going downhill ever since Declan died and it seems like she is completely lost. However, whether it is Emily or David, someone must talk some sense into this spoiled girl’s head, before she completely loses it.

By: Janette Verdnik

Guardian Liberty Voice

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