Ron Klain Is to Be Appointed Ebola Czar


Amid the impending Ebola crisis and criticism about the United States’ lack of preparation for the deadly disease, President Obama has decided to appoint former White House adviser, Ron Klain as the nation’s federal Ebola czar. He will report to Lisa Monaco, the White House Homeland Security Advisor and Susan Rice, the National Security Adviser.

While Klain does not have a strong background in the medical field, he has tenacity and impeccable managerial skills. In addition, he has experience with both foreign and domestic policy, all of which should help him navigate his new position and get the job done.

By Donna W. Martin


One Response to "Ron Klain Is to Be Appointed Ebola Czar"

  1. Kevin Bond (@Cancerkiller543)   October 17, 2014 at 10:43 am

    And how will the Ebola Czar Ron Klain get the job of eradicating Ebola done, when he does not possess the weapon to destroy the Ebola virus – That magic weapon is my possession – To disclose it to everybody and get the world rid of any viruses, cancers, diabetes and strokes I gotta be paid 50 billion EURO.


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