Stephen Collins’ Career Is Most Likely Over

CollinsDespite the fact that Stephen Collins will not be facing prosecution, his career is most likely over. Collins was recently resigned from the Screen Actors Guild Board, he was fired from Ted 2 and his talent agency has let him go.

After he publicly admitted that he had touched some under aged girls inappropriately, the news broke out that Collins will not be prosecuted in any of the three child sexual molestation cases, for which he has being investigated. It appears that the sexual molestation cases are too old, according to the latest reports. Since the statute of limitations has run out on two of the cases and the victim in the third case did not come forward, Collins may walk away unpunished.

Stephen will not face prosecution, unless the district attorney can come up with a recent victim, who will be willing to come forward. Collins was reportedly being investigated for the sexual molestation of three girls, who were under the age of 13 and molestation was allegedly committed over 20 years ago. On an audio taped confession, Stephen is speaking in confidence at a therapy session, where he admitted that he had touched some under aged girls in an inappropriate way. His wife Faye, can also be heard on the tape, as she is persuading him to make the confession, which Collins does reluctantly.

A couple of years ago, the Los Angeles Police Department was in fact alerted about one of the sexual molestation cases, however, there was not enough evidence to pursue the case against Collins. With Stephen’s confession and the newest accusations, police were prepared to look at the cases again to see if any charges could be filed against the actor. However, the passage of time and the lack of evidence has clearly made that impossible.

Stephen’s attorney, Mark Vincent Kaplan, recently released a statement, saying that revealing the audiotape was a maneuver by Faye Grant, who only wanted to get money out of the divorce case. Kaplan said that while during his entire representation of Collins in the divorce case, Grant repeatedly threatened to give Stephen’s audiotape to the media, unless he agreed to pay her millions of dollars more than that to which she was legally entitled. However, when these demands were rejected, Faye attempted to sell the tape in several ways to several different people, but without success. It appears that she finally managed to find an audience for the tape, on the eve of the trial in the divorce case, where she is once again seeking millions of dollars more than that to which she is legally entitled.

However, Faye Grant came forward after these accusations were revealed and she denied having anything to do with the release of Stephen’s confession tape. According to the Daily Mail, Stephen Collins played a pedophile in the Lifetime movie Babysitter’s Seduction and he even played a priest, who had an appetite for children in the movie Penance.

Even though Stephen Collins will not be facing prosecution in these particular three cases, the damage is already done.  The career of the once-respected actor is most likely over.

By: Janette Verdnik

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