Texas Health Feels a New Isolation

Texas Health

Texas Health Presbyterian is feeling a new effect from the Ebola virus. After two health care workers were infected with the virus while treating a patient people are nervous about entering the facility.

The hospital has been in the news recently since Thomas Eric Duncan died from the Ebola virus. They received some negative publicity when people found out that Duncan had been released from the hospital upon his first visit. He informed the the emergency department that he had recently been in West Africa. He had a temperature and complained of abdominal pain, which should have raised a red flag.

The hospital has recently seen cancellations and a drop in the amount of people they normally serve in the emergency department, Texas Health is beginning to feel a new isolation. The hospital has an excellent track record, before this scare all 900 beds in the hospital were generally full. The numbers today are looking around 300. Presbyterian Hospital, which is owned by Texas Health Systems is the second largest hospital the chain owns.

Texas Health is taking a hit financially due to the public concern and worry about walking into the hospital. The Hospital currently has roughly three billion dollars in assets including cash and will be able to weather this unfortunate situation. They will need to regain the trust of Dallas before people come back.

Dr. Dan Varga, the chief clinical officer, said, “The hospital is still a safe place to be treated at.” The hospital received guidelines from the CDC in July on how to handle a patient with Ebola. From July to the time Duncan was admitted into the hospital, there still was not enough preparation.

Thomas Frieden, Director at CDC, said on Tuesday on agency could have done more. They will now have Ebola Response Teams that will follow the each confirmed case within the U.S. In Dallas there is a team already in place. They have also flown in two nurses from Emory University Hospital, one of four hospitals are designed for this type of virus who are training the health care workers. Specialists from CDC are also on hand to help with the training.

It is still unclear how two nurses were infected with the virus. What is happening at Texas Health could happen any hospital in the U.S. It was a virus that was new to the health care system and education was still coming out on the proper ways to handle it. Hospitals around the U.S. are preparing for the worst. Training and education is having very quickly so workers and the public will remain safe.

At Texas Health, rooms are empty and the feeling of isolation is in full effect. The hospital can afford to a hit financially, but will need to become proactive in figuring a way to bring the publics trust back around. The hospital has went through the proper procedures and protocols to make the hospital ready in case some one is admitted with the virus.

By Paul Sears


ABC News


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  1. Md   October 18, 2014 at 11:19 pm

    The Ebola errors are symptomatic of a set of poor procedures and protocols. How many other less contagious diseases were missed and later turned into life threatening or even death events?

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