Gaza City Ruins Flooded During Heavy Rains

Gaza City

Gaza City has been under heavy rainfall for a week. While the rain is good news for the farmers of the area, it is an added hardship for those who became homeless and have taken refuge in the city’s ruins following the war that raged on for 50 days between Israel and Hamas.

According to the United Nations, more than 100,000 housing units were damaged or completely destroyed during the 50-day war, which caused residents to become displaced and take shelter anywhere they could find. Many of those residents have resorted to living in the Gaza City ruins and they say their lives have “become miserable” following the floods.

Despite the fact that $5.4 billion was pledged during a Cairo conference to aid in the reconstruction of Gaza City, building efforts have stalled as the Hamas and Fatah argue about who has power over Gaza. In the meantime, the people of Gaza are forced to deal with the hardship of living in the flooded ruins the best way they know how.

By Donna W. Martin

The Washington Post
Photo by Mohammed Abed – Flickr License

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