Is Dean McDermott Cheating on Tori Spelling Again?

Dean McDermott may very well be exhibiting unfaithful behavior towards wife Tori Spelling yet again, at least that is how it seems based on the recent sneak peek clip into the upcoming episode of the pair’s Lifetime reality show, True Tori. The episode is scheduled to air during its regular Tuesday evening time slot at 9/8c.

The 33 second clip opens with Spelling taking part in one of the therapy meetings her and her husband have been going to in order to repair their broken marriage, visits they attend both together and separately. The 41-year-old informs her therapist that her friends are planning on taking her for a getaway, something the woman she is conversing with says she fully supports and believes will be good for the actress in terms of self-healing and emotional improvement. She then goes on to ask Spelling if she is anxious or nervous in any way in terms of leaving her husband by himself while she is away. The mother of four did not hesitate to answer the professional’s question, expressing her feelings that she was already worried over the prospect and the woman bringing up the question just made the situation worse.

After reminding viewers that there is only one more episode in the season, the video then jumps to a scene showing a heated phone conversation between the couple in which Spelling informs McDermott that a friend over his came to their residence that day. Her husband responds with a bleeped out expletive, which is followed by her asking if it was the woman she and McDermott had previously spoken about and encountered problems regarding before. The Canada native instantly jumps into defensive mode, insistently repeated the word “no” in response to her question. His wife proceeds to hang up the phone at this point, prompting McDermott to become exceedingly frustrated and state that he could care less what she and her friends are doing because he was just so done with the circumstances overall.

Spelling then explodes in front of her companions, expressing her absolutely disbelief that the one day she is out of town McDermott decides to have the unnamed woman come over to keep him company. One of her friends asks if she has ever actually met this individual, to which the former 90210 star admits that she has not. The scene then switches back onto the Chopped Canada host, who is adamant that he wants the storyline pulled from the upcoming episode and demands the producers cease filming at once.

Whether or not True Tori continues for another season following the wrap up of its current one, McDermott has been very clear that he wants no further part in any upcoming footage or representation in the controversial Lifetime reality show. The upcoming final episode will contain the last few scenes McDermott will ever agree to be involved in, as he is reportedly sick and tired of the all the drama and conflict being a part of the series has brought his life. Spelling has confirmed that her husband will no longer be a part of the show, although she has yet to give further details surrounding its overall fate.

It is not yet known whether Dean McDermott was yet again unfaithful to wife Tori Spelling, this time while she was away on vacation with her friends. The latter, however, has been very outspoken regarding his wish to cut all ties with the program and with media interference into the pair’s relationship altogether.

By Rebecca Grace

Mail Online
Photo by Arthur – Flickr License

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