Grimm: Cry Luison (Recap/Review)


“A liar will not be believed, even when he speaks the truth.”

Cry Luison is the fifth episode of Grimm and there is a disappointing news for those, who are wondering if Nick finally got his powers back. Despite the fact that Elizabeth managed to recreate Adalind’s potion and that now there is way for Nick to become a Grimm again, he is still hesitating. It was suggested in the previous episode that Juliette is the final and the key ingredient for the cure and apparently, she must do exactly what Adalind did when she took Nick’s powers. Juliette must breathe the potion through the same hat and then she must sleep with Nick. However, the catch is that she will look like Adalind and Nick does not want to put Juliette through this. He tells Elizabeth that he will think about it, but she tells him that he should decide quickly, because she will not be around much longer.

Next morning, Bud visits Nick and he wishes to speak with Trubel. He tells her that Nick might be in danger, because his secret about not being Grimm anymore got out and a guy named Shaw wants to kill him. So, Trubel decides to find Shaw and when she does, she tells him to stay away from Nick. Shaw realizes that Trubel is a Grimm and as she almost kills him, he promises that he will not hurt Nick.

Meanwhile, Hank and Nick are working on a homicide case. A jogger was hit by a car and Ava, the woman who was driving, claims that she keeps seeing a wolf. Well, a man with a wolf head actually. Hank immediately suspects that it might be a Wessen and Nick agrees. They visit Ava’s psychiatrist, who tells them that Ava drew the wolf and after Nick and Hank see that drawing, their suspicion about the Wessen is confirmed. At first they think that it is a Blutbad, but Monroe tells them that it is actually a Luison. Nick does not want to involve Trubel and her Grimm powers this time, so Monroe offers his help. Since Ava is very wealthy, Nick and Hank suspect that her husband Gabriel might be the Wessen and that he is trying to convince Ava that she is crazy. This way, she would be institutionalized and he would get control over her money.

So, while Gabriel is not at home, Monroe sneaks in and he immediately smells Luison. However, he hears someone outside and when he takes a look, Monroe sees Gabriel. He calls Nick and he tells him that Gabriel just came home, but at the same time, Nick has his eyes on Gabriel on the other side of town. Nothing makes sense anymore and the gang thinks that Gabriel might have a twin brother. They decide to check it out, but when they do, they discover that Gabriel has three and not only one brother. And not only that, all of them are Luison. However, Nick wants to convince Ava that she is not crazy, so he buys a mask that looks very much like Luison and after they arrest Gabriel and his brothers, Nick shows this mask to Ava. She is relieved when she learns that she is not crazy after all and she cannot belive that Gabriel did all this just to convince her that she is loosing her mind.

In Vienna, Adalind is facing some serious craziness. After she manages to magically save herself from drowning, she finds herself in a hallway and her mysterious friend is back. He tells her that she should follow him, but Adalind hears her baby crying, so she starts running around and suddenly, there are two Adalinds. When she finally stops, her friend tells her that she must enter one particular room and cross it. When she does, there will be door that lead into freedom. Adalind enters the room, but she sees a baby crib and her daughter lying inside. However, when she takes the baby out, it turns into a pig and the next thing she knows, she is back in her cell. Victor comes in and Adalind says that she will do anything he wants if he just stops whatever he is doing to her. Victor replies that he wants the same thing as she wants: her baby.

Nick receives a phone call from Rolek’s son, Josh Porter, who tells him that after he came home, there were two men waiting for him and that they obviously want the key. However, Rolek, who was also a Grimm, gave the key to Nick and Josh is now in grave danger. Nick orders him to go someplace safe, but Josh is terrified. Later that night, Nick tells Monroe that he liked being a Grimm and that he misses it, however, the thought of moving someplace else and starting a family sounds very tempting. It looks like Nick really does not know what to do.

The Cry Luison episode closes with another attack on Monroe and Rosalee. Some Wessen are still furious because Monroe and Rosalee get married and this time, they burn a wooden cross outside their house as a warning. In that moment, Juliette tells Nick that she is ready to go through the procedure that will give him his powers back, because he needs to become a Grimm again. Hopefully, this painful stalling will come to an end and Nick will finally get his Grimm powers back in the next episode.

By: Janette Verdnik


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