Grimm: Dyin’ on a Prayer (Recap/Review)


“Oh, remember that you fashioned me from clay! Will you then bring me down to dust?”

In the Dyin’ on a Prayer episode of Grimm, Nick and Hank are working on a murder case, however, this murder was not committed by a Wessen. After a man attacks his step son David and his ex-wife Sara, her brother Ben summons a Golem, because he wants to protect his family. Well, this Golem kills the man, who attacked David and it appears that the creature is protecting the boy.

Meanwhile, Elizabeth is still working on the potion that Adalind used to take Nick’s powers. Rosalee and Monroe are helping her and they are very close on finally figuring out how to make Nick a Grimm again. However, the newlyweds receive a very strange warning from a group of Wessen which does not support mixed marriages, when the two men, who were waiting in a car in front of the spice shop in the previous episode, throw a brick with a Wolfsangel symbol. Rosalee is very worried, but Monroe tries to calm her down and he promises that after they find the cure for Nick, they will go on their honeymoon. Elizabeth sends the couple home, while she stays at the spice shop in order to finish the potion and when Monroe and Rosalee return the next morning, Adalind is there. Well, it is actually Elizabeth, who finally managed to make Adalind’s potion. However, in order to make the cure, they need one final ingredient: Juliette.

Nick and Juliette discover that Trubel left, since her room and her closets are empty. He finds it hard to believe that she would just leave, so he decides to check the trailer. Nick finds Trubel there and she finally tells him about agent Chavez and her agenda. She promises to keep him updated and Nick tells her that she should come back home, because if she disappears, things with Chavez might get very ugly.

Adalind is trying to escape from the castle with a little help from her new strange friend. While they are walking up the stairs, he warns her to be quiet, because she will wake them up. Adalind says that nobody is there and suddenly, a face forms in the wall and tells the Hexenbiest that he knows where her baby is. Well, she is desperate to find her daughter, so she asks the face where is she, but several other faces form and they are start telling her that they know where the baby is. Adalind starts crying and as the faces start crying to, the staircase becomes flooded. The Hexenbiest cannot escape and she is calling for help, but her friend is gone and she starts drowning.

After four episodes of powerless Nick, the Dyin’ on a Prayer episode finally indicated that he might become a Grimm again very soon. Well, it all depends on Juliette, who is the last and the key ingredient for the cure. Since she was very glad that Nick was not a Grimm any more and she even told Monroe and Rosalee to stop looking for cure, it will be interesting to see her reaction when she finds out that she is the only one, who can help Nick to become a Grimm again.

By: Janette Verdnik


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