Grimm: Last Fight (Recap/Review)


“Stars, hide your fires; let not light see my black and deep desires.”

After Trubel was kidnapped by the FBI Agent Chavez in the previous episode of Grimm, she now faces her kidnapper. The Last Fight episode opens up with Agent Chavez, who tells Trubel that her gift is very important and that many people are interested in her services. Chavez offers Trubel to work with a group of selected Grimms and she gives her time to thing about the offer. However, she tells Theresa that she should not talk to anyone about the offer.

Nick and Hank are working on a murder case and the evidence lead them to a boxing gym. The night before, a promising boxer Clay Pittman won a fight, but before the fight took place, three men attacked him. Stan, the owner of the gym, actually hired these men to attack Clay, however, Bobby, who was one of these guys, ended up pretty beaten up. Later that night, Bobby demanded more money from Stan and he was found dead the next morning. So, Nick and Hank come to the gym, but they do not find out much. Well, after they see Clay hitting the dumpster on the street, Nick and Hank start suspecting that the boy could be a Wessen, since he makes a damage that is far from normal. Hank suggests that they bring Trubel on the case and after a while, Nick agrees.

Trubel visits the gym and she finds out that Clay does not like boxing, but he is doing it because of money. Their conversation is interrupted by Stan, who is furious to see Clay talking to Trubel. Nick and Hank return to the gym, in order to check Stan’s alibi and when they leave, Clay tells his trainer Abe that he is not going to fight any more, because he is convinced that he hit Bobby too hard the other night and that this is the reason why he died. Stan manages to convince Clay to keep boxing, but Abe starts resisting. Just as Trubel passes by, both of them vogue and she now knows that they are also Wessen. Not only that, she knows which Wessen they both are. After Trubel updates Nick and Hank, they go to the trailer and they discover that Stan is Schinderdiv and Abe is Heftigauroch. Since Heftigauroch is a born fighter, but he does not like to fight, Clay is probably this Wessen too. After they determine which Wessen are Stan, Abe and Clay, Nick receives a phone call and he learns that Abe is dead. Despite the fact that it looks like a suicide, he has the same wounds as Bobby.

Hank and Nick face Stan and they tell him that they know he is a Wessen. Stan voges and he sees that none of them is a Grimm, so he tells them that he has no idea what they are talking about. Well, Trubel also comes there and when Stan sees that she is a Grimm, he attacks her. After a big fight between Stan, Trubel, Nick and Hank, she kills Stan and the game is over. When she goes into the gym to tell Clay that he does not have to fight, Trubel sees his mother voged and it appears that she was the one who was pushing Clay to fight. After he almost kills his own mom, Clay breaks his hand on purpose and lets her know that he is done with boxing.

Meanwhile, Rosalee and Monroe decide to keep looking for cure, despite the fact that Juliette told them not to. They visit Sean, because they want to find out what he put in that potion. However, since Sean does not know, his mother offers her help, because they apparently need a Hexenbiest like her if they want to beat a Hexenbiest like Adalind. Monroe, Rosalee and Sean’s mother go to the place where Adalind made the potion and they find the spell that she used. After that, they go to the spice shop, because they must make Adalind’s potion first, in order to reverse the curse and get Nick’s Grimm powers back. The Last Fight episode closes with two men, who are sitting in a car in front of the spice shop and they are obviously planning something, since they put some strange mask on their faces.

It appears that Nick will soon change his mind about getting his Grimm powers back, since he really does not like putting Trubel in danger. He finally realized that she will not always be around to help him, but still, Juliette really likes the non-Grimm Nick. On the other hand, Rosalee and Monroe are one step closer to finding the cure and they even have a help from a Hexenbiest now. Will Nick manage to convince Juliette that it is better for him to be a Grimm? How long will the viewers have to keep watching the non-Grimm Nick? Well, one thing is for sure. If Nick does not get his powers back soon, the show will lose its purpose, since this was now the second episode in a row with Trubel joining the investigation and putting Nick to the sideline.

By: Janette Verdnik


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