Indiana Man Flees After Car Bursts Into Flames Following Crash


In Elkhart, Indiana, on Thursday night, after the car he was driving ran off the road and burst into flames, the driver took off, fleeing on foot, according to WNDU16, the TV news station that broke this story. There was reportedly nobody injured in the crash; at least, nobody was taken to the hospital or went themselves to be treated for injuries related to the crash at this time.

Firefighters from the Concord Township Fire Department who arrived on the scene witnessed a Lincoln Town Car that was completely in flames. The incident occurred around 10:37 p.m. at the 23000 block of Old US 20, which is also known as Toledo Road.

The car was headed east, according to a fire official who spoke to NewsCenter 16 (, when it exited the road and then crashed into two trees.

According to witnesses, not only a driver but also a passenger exited the vehicle and fled in the direction of the Deer Creek Apartment complex.

A driver and passenger fled the scene of an accident when the Lincoln Town Car they were both in careened off of a road in Elkhart, Indiana, crashed into two trees and then burst into flames. No injuries have been reported so far. Updates will follow when they become available.

Written By Douglas Cobb

Photo by rolesnevich – Flickr License

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