Jennifer Aniston Up for an Oscar? [Video]

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As the awards season for the best of the Hollywood film industry comes around, buzz about the best actors and best actresses of the year become one of the hottest topics. The hubbub on one particular actress has risen lately and that is of the beloved Jennifer Aniston, a candidate that unexpectedly has the potential to be up for an Oscar nomination this year.

Aniston’s performance in the upcoming dramatic comedy Cake is perhaps the star’s most diverse role yet. Known primarily for her sitcom-like style of comedy, the trailer for the new film showcases a new set of skills that the actress has yet to display in her previous roles. From the few minutes of footage seen in the trailer, the actress displays an emotional vividness that is enough to impress even the most casual of movie viewers.

The character Aniston plays is Claire Simmons, a troubled woman who is addicted to prescription drugs. Claire attends a support group in which it is revealed that a fellow member of the company (played by Pitch Perfect star Anna Kendrick) has committed suicide. Claire develops a strange obsession with the past life of Kendrick’s character, Nina, and actually takes to falling for the deceased’s husband. Throughout the pursuit of Nina’s husband, Claire experiences hallucinations of Nina herself, confronting her own personal demons with the situation at hand.

The trailer continues to reveal Claire facing many other unspoken trials, one very dramatic one in particular involving that of a father-like figure played by William H. Macy. The supporting cast of the film includes notable Hollywood veterans, indicating that the film is indeed a strong ensemble piece. Felicity Huffman, Mamie Gummer, Adriana Barraza, Chris Messina and Sam Worthington complete the list of the movie’s principal cast.

Cake was brought to light many months ago, but only until now is the film, as well as Aniston’s performance, garnering attention in the mainstream limelight. The release date of the movie has reportedly been jumping around. In such a case as this, it is believed that the designated film’s producers often believe it has greater potential for major awards than originally thought and it is confirmed that Cake will be an Oscar-eligible endeavor, making Aniston a prime candidate.

The competition for the best actress category this season appears to be heavy indeed, with many talented leading ladies going for the gold. Julianne Moore’s performance in Still Alice as well as Felicity Jones’ in The Theory of Everything are garnering major buzz, but it is still any woman’s game. Emily Blunt’s role in the musical Into the Woods has talks of earning a slot as well as Reese Witherspoon in Wild. Perhaps it is the year for Aniston to join the ranks of Academy Award nominees. Regardless, the actress will undoubtably receive critical acclaim for Cake and one can only see her career advancing from here.

One can only hope they will see the likes of a comedic actress like Jennifer Aniston up for an Oscar, as it is rather refreshing to see familiar Hollywood faces anew. The trailer for Cake can be viewed below.

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