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Kanye West further proves that he does not let money factor into his decision-making as an artist after turning down a four and half million dollar deal. The Chicago artist is no stranger to making the news and shocking fans, but West’s latest career move may have not been the best. It is clear that money is not a factor in the artist’s life as he decided to walk away from a deal to perform a nine day set in Las Vegas.

According to TMZ, West was offered a deal to perform three concerts a week for three weeks at the Axis hotel and casino at Planet Hollywood on the Las Vegas strip. West was reported to be paid 500,000 dollars per show and stand to make close to five-million dollars. At that going rate, West would have been the highest paid performer to grace the Vegas strip and the first hip-hop artist to have their own show. The history-making deal completely outweighs Celine Dion’s 475,000 dollars per show and Britney Spears’ 476,000 dollars per show and could stand to draw in more attendees than both of these artists. It was definitely a huge break for the seasoned artist and an easy way to get a check – in the business sense – for the boisterous West to further his growing bank account and settle down.

Though some may look at the Vegas move as a last resort for a dying career, the limited time frame for the performances would leave enough room for West to still quickly collect his check and continue a successful solo career. Kanye West is no stranger to doing limited venue gigs for a big check. He recently performed Black Skinhead and N*ggas in Paris at Richard Tisci’s birthday bash. The rap star also took in a reported three million dollars in one day for his set at dictator Nursultan Nazarbayeva’s grandson’s wedding. He also just wrapped his global Yeezus tour and took in a reported 25 million dollars. Considering that he is not hurting for a check, his decision to turn down Vegas could have been more of an ego and pride thing than just bad business sense. Also, West may have wanted to take a break and focus on his next projects, which are reported to be dropping later this year and early 2015.

Kanye West is no stranger to going against the norm, musically and professionally. He has always been known as a creative genius and made several headlines for his uncensored rants about fashion, music, politics, and socioeconomic issues. The Vegas show may have been too commercial for the artist to really grow creatively or express his message. He easily makes a couple million for a couple of hours’ work, so nine days of limited touring may have just not been good enough for the Chicago-bred artist. West could have wanted more money to be tied down to the Vegas strip.

Regardless of his decision-making, the show must go on. When he turned down this great opportunity, Planet Hollywood turned to Jennifer Lopez for a chance to make some extra cash. The voluptuous singer is in talks to take on Sin City in a 72-show gig with an estimated pay of 350,000 dollars per show. Not exactly the best deal in comparison to her peers, but, considering her musical career, it only seems fair.

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