Katy Perry Fires at Paparazzi


This past Friday in Australia Katy Perry was accosted by paparazzi and fired back. Her stop in Sydney as part of her world tour was less than welcoming. In her stop in Sydney, Australia, she had an encounter with paparazzi that proved to be less than favorable. In a furious tirade posted to Twitter, Perry lashed out after an ugly run in with the paparazzi. She posted several pictures of the men that “stalked” her and called them “perverting and disgusting.”

The American pop star stated multiple male photographers followed and taunted her as she walked on the beach. They refused to leave her alone as she requested and stated they’d leave her be if she provided them with one bathing suit photo. She declined stating that she would never agree to a deal with the paparazzi or align herself with anyone who “perpetuates this kind of behavior.”

She is currently in Australia for a country-wide tour, part of her Prismatic World Tour. She lambasted the Australian Press shedding them in a darker light as she re-launched her campaign. The tour has 23 shows scheduled in Australia through the end of the year. Along with the tour dates, Perry is also slated to make a special appearance at the 2014 ARIA Awards.

Katy Perry twitter posting.

According to the pop star, she was followed around, “stalked” by grown men with no sense of respect, integrity, or character. Attempts to enjoy a quiet walk on the beach were thwarted by the male photographers whose photos she later shared on Twitter. Other residents did try to intervene on her behalf only to be laughed off by the paparazzi as the cameras kept clicking. On social media, Katy Perry fired back at the paparazzi.

Perry refused to make the deal of providing a bathing suit shot in return for being left alone. She tweeted that such a request was perverted and disgusting behavior that should not be tolerated by anyone including the individuals who “do NOT (sic) want this.” Among the stalkers was well known and infamous paparazzo Jamie Fawcett. In an effort to smear and shame the paps several photos were shared online and she singled out Fawcett in a follow up tweet. She railed against the “tabloid culture” calling it inhumane.

After her posting, many fans responded back with messages of support. @HolyPrismatic tweeted “@katyperry I’m so sorry this happened that’s absolutely disgusting.” Many of the tweets in response to her post were along the same lines. Others, however, were not as supportive with a Tyler Oakley tweeting, “@katyperry Follow me + favorite this & I will DM them your username so they can follow you.”

Perry continued her campaign on social media against the tabloid culture in Australia as well as around the world. Katy Perry went on to state that any pictures of her on the beach that are distributed or printed are being done so without her expressed permission as she fired at paparazzi and tabloid culture. According to the “Roar” singer, Australia is filled with “perverted old men.”

By Stevenson Benoit

Daily News
Photo by Michael B. – Flickr License

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