Once Upon a Time: What Is the Snow Queen’s Story?

Once Upon a TimeAfter the residents of Storybrooke battled with Peter Pan and the Wicked Witch of the West – Zelena, Once Upon a Time presented a brand new villain in its fourth season. In the first few episodes, the Snow Queen was quite a mystery, however, the last two episodes finally revealed more about her story and her twisted plan.

The first thing that was revealed about the Snow Queen is that she is actually Elsa’s and Anna’s long lost aunt. While Anna was at the Enchanted Forest, the Snow Queen introduced herself to Elsa and she told her that she can teach her how to control her powers. By the time Anna returned to Arendelle, Elsa was having an absolute control over her magic and she told her sister that it was their aunt who helped her.

Well, Anna was very sceptic about her aunt’s intentions, so she decided to visit the rock trolls, to find out if the Snow Queen is really her mother’s sister. Anna found out that her mother had two and not just one sister, however, Ingrid and Helga simply disappeared one day and the King of Arendelle asked the rock trolls to erase all memories of Ingrid’s and Helga’s existence. So, this is basically the reason why the two lost sisters do not appear in any records and why it looks like they never existed. Since Ingrid (the Snow Queen) now magically reappeared, with no sign of Helga, Anna did not trust her and she rushed back to warn her sister. However, her aunt made sure that she never got to Elsa and she made Anna her prisoner. Ingrid told her that all she ever wanted was a family that will embrace her for who she is and that she hoped that she, Anna and Elsa could be a real family. However, since Ingrid believed that her niece betrayed her, she told Anna that she will just have to find a replacement for her.

So, here comes the other shocking surprise. After Emma found the tape from one of her foster families, she realized that the Snow Queen was one of her foster parents. Even more, the two of them were getting along pretty well. According to a file that the Snow Queen had on Emma, she was Swan’s foster parent for almost six months, but the saviour does not remember anything from that time. In her file, Emma also found a piece of paper with some strange hieroglyphs and when Elsa read it, she told Emma that it is actually a prophecy. According to that prophecy, Emma is the saviour and the saviour will become Ingrid’s sister. Furthermore, Belle told Emma about the magic mirror that she saw in Snow Queen’s liar and if its magic is released, people in Storybrooke will turn against one another. Which means that they will start killing each other and only Emma, Elsa and Ingrid will survive. Apparently, the Snow Queen believes into that prophecy and this is the reason why she has been following Emma since the day she first came to this world.

The creators of Once Upon a Time just keep on producing great episodes, with intriguing stories and very enjoyable characters. Many viewers had their doubts about the new villain, because her story was a big mystery and after Zelena, the Snow Queen has some big shoes to fill in.

Opinion by: Janette Verdnik


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