Queen Elizabeth Assassination Plot Foiled by British Police

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HRH Queen Elizabeth II had a plot to assassinate her foiled by British police earlier today, a plan that had been concocted by four Islamic terrorists. Authorities executed several raids in both Buckinghamshire and West London in order to enact justice on the freedom fighters, whose ages are said to range between 19 and 27.

The plan was reportedly to take the Queen’s life via stabbing, executing said knife attack on her during England’s 96th year of celebrating the end of World War I, which ceased on the 11th day of November 1918. The celebrations are accompanied by multiple public appearances by the 88-year-old herself, and the would-be assassins allegedly planned to initiate the kill during one of these. British police have also given the statement that the attackers most likely had access to firearms, although it is not yet known whether or not they had planned on any kind of backup attack in case their original attempt failed during its execution.

Queen Elizabeth is said to have been informed of the thwarted assassination, but chose to continue all scheduled appearances during the weekend’s festivities. Prime Minister David Cameron is also said to have been alerted of the incident, but likewise wanted to move forward with the celebration as per usual. These events include Saturday’s yearly Royal British Legion Festival (which is a military event that celebrates the end of said war), and Sunday’s laying of the first wreath following the traditional two minutes of silence (which occurs at the Sunday Remembrance celebration.)

The aforementioned thwarted assassination is not the first instance in which Queen Elizabeth’s life has been threatened. Back in 1970, a plot titled The Lithgow Plot was a similar failure in its attempt to claim not only her life, but also the life of husband Philip (whom she has been married to since 1947). The pair was on a train from Sydney to Orange, as part of a royal tour that was taking place in Australia. A wooden log of substantial size had been placed on the train tracks in what was reportedly an attempt to cause said train to crash and derail, thus killing Queen Elizabeth and her husband in the process. While the train did come into contact with the log as planned, the impact did not cause the outcome said assassin was hoping for. For reasons that were never fully explained, the locomotive was travelling at a which was significantly slower than which it would usually be, making it so the train’s collision with the log was minimal and no one inside was hurt in any manner whatsoever. It is reportedly that Queen Elizabeth and her husband were not informed of the alleged attempt to kill them, although it is highly assumed that the pair have become knowledgable about the incident as the years have gone on. The matter has never been officially discussed, but various media outlets covered the story following it having taken place.

The identities of the four individuals who had planned an assassination on Queen Elizabeth have yet to be revealed. Appropriate action is being taken in order for them to serve sufficient justice for the plot, which was thankfully thwarted before HRH or anyone else became injured.

By Rebecca Grace

New York Post
BuzzFeed News
Photo Michael Chu – Flickr License

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