Suge Knight Threatened Female Photographer in Camera Incident

New video evidence has surfaced showing rap mogul Suge Knight aggressively approaching and threatening the female photographer, who he and comedian Katt Williams were recently arrested regarding the alleged theft of her camera. The 49-year-old has adamantly denied any alleged involvement in the incident, saying that he only asked his female companion to request that said photographer ceased filming of his four-year-old son.

In the video, released by popular gossip website TMZ, the former Death Row Records CEO was seen informing the camera woman that he would enlist a female companion to launch something of a beatdown on said woman, albeit with more explicit language than has been described. This is said to have occurred after the California native got into it with a male photographer shortly after the incident began.

Knight’s original statement said that he in no way assaulted the female in question, nor did he or Williams actually steal her camera. Both men claimed that an altercation was only started because the woman refused to cease the filming of the rap legends aforementioned toddler, which she was reportedly asked to do several times. While he did admit that there was a female associate involved, he says that the woman merely asked said camerawoman to respect the privacy of Knight and his child, and that she got upset when the woman repeatedly failed to heed her warnings.

The camerawoman, however, has reported a different story. She says that Knight and Williams, as well as an unidentified female companion, approached her on the streets in Beverly Hills in order to harass her about her having filmed them and subsequently gotten into a tussle over her camera. The woman says that Williams was the one who made off with her camera, and left her with a hand injury as a result.

Knight and Williams were arrested just the other day in regards to the incident, even though it is said to have occurred almost two months ago on September 5th. The former man was nabbed outside of a Las Vegas establishment, while the latter was placed under arrest during a hearing he was attending regarding a separate matter of assault. Knight is reportedly facing 30 years to life if convicted, while Williams will possibly see up to seven years behind bars.

The reason why the California native could potentially spend the rest of his life in prison relates to the fact that he has previously been charged with assault via a deadly weapon, as well as other things. Williams is facing his aforementioned time due to said assault charges, of which he is reportedly on probation for. Knight is still involved in an investigation regarding an August 2014 nightclub shooting in which he was subjected to six gunshot wounds, and subsequently refused to give any information regarding the person or persons who inflicted said injury on him.

It remains to be seen how much jail time Suge Knight and Katt Williams may or may not be sentenced to regarding their recent run in with a female photographer in Beverly Hills. More information on the matter has yet to be revealed.

By Rebecca Grace


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