The Mentalist Officially Canceled by CBS

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Hit CBS crime drama The Mentalist has been officially canceled by the network, and will air its final season near the end of this month. Network honchos released an officially statement on the matter yesterday afternoon.

Not only will the coming season be the last, it will also been cut shorter than any of the previous ones, which usually wrap up at around 22 episodes. Season seven will only produce 13 episodes for airing, making it a kind of half-season.  This is not an uncommon move in terms of wrapping up series, and has been done with multiple popular shows in the past. Indeed, the last three seasons of immensely popular NBC comedy Community only aired 13 episodes for the last two seasons of the show, but the reason for this lay with the network changing their decision to cancel the series at both the end of season three and season four. Fellow NBC comedy Parks & Recreation, which is considered to be one of the most popular shows the network has aired in its history, will wrapping up its seventh and final season will the same amount of episodes sometime in 2015.

While lovers of The Mentalist are indeed sad regarding the show’s cancellation, many viewers since have expressed their opinion that there was somewhat of a need for the series to come to an end. Given that lead character Patrick Jane (played by Australian actor Simon Baker, who has been listed as the highest paid actor on television), achieved his goal to kill off his nemesis in the show’s most reason season, many did not think there was much left to be done. The entirety of the show has revolved around Jane’s goal to find and kill the man who murdered his wife and daughter many years ago, and he achieved this feat in episode six of the last season.

The rest of The Mentalist‘s most recent season was taken up with Jane’s mission to prevent his female lead and love interest Teresa Lisbon from leaving, given that she was going to transfer from the CBI and marry another man. He prevents her from doing this by re-opening a cold case with fake new evidence, which in turn actually ends up solving the crime. Lisbon, however, is furious and makes her way onto the plane in order to go through with the wedding. Jane jumps an airport security gate and feigns and CBI emergency in order to be granted access, and begs Lisbon to stay because he is in love with her. The plan works, but he also gets arrested in the process for breaching many levels of airport security. Now that both of his ultimate goals have been achieved, however, fans are slightly confused as to what is left for the man to do in The Mentalist‘s  upcoming 13 episodes. No kind of hints have yet been given as to what is in store for the show’s final season.

It remains to be seen whether The Mentalist‘s upcoming seventh season will pleasantly surprise fans regarding the adventures Jane and Lisbon will take and the plots that will unfold. The season premiere is set to air on CBS on November 30th.

By Rebecca Grace

Mail Online

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  1. Cheryl   November 6, 2014 at 6:47 am

    Yeah…..I think Red John should kill someone in the last episode. : )

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