Aaron Carter Posts Instagram Picture of Watching Lizzie McGuire Reruns

Aaron Carter recently took to Instagram to share a rather bizarre picture of himself watching a rerun of the old Disney show Lizzie McGuire, an episode on which he himself was featured. The picture was captioned with various reminiscent hashtags, followed up by the statement that he had never actually gotten around to watching said episode before.

Shortly following the posting of said picture, the former child star uploaded a tweet in which he detailed the fact that according to outside sources, many females were significantly distressed when he was filmed kissing Hilary Duff on-screen during the episode. The tweet, posted shortly after midnight, received an array of approval from various fans of the 26-year-old, which were represented in the form of several hundred retweets and almost 1k favorites.

This is not the first time that Carter has expressed his reminiscence regarding his former relationship with the actress, something that has caused something of a further rift between the two as the latter has stated her discomfort with him bringing the topic up on a regular basis. Back in March, the younger brother of BSB star Nick posted a Twitter update in which he stated his dedication to making things right with Duff, something he said he would continue to make an effort towards regardless of how the public felt about it. This post came shortly after hearing that his former flame had separated with her husband, former Canadian hockey champ Mike Comrie, with whom she had one child. A month later, he went on to say that although he is not so sure of the person Duff has become due to the large time gap since they had last been close, he was ready and willing to discover her personality as an adult and commit to her entirely. After attempting to ignore the social media advances towards her, Duff eventually made the decision to respond via an interview with BuzzFeed (originally posted by Entertainment Tonight), in which she expressed her discontent with Carter’s recent actions.

Duff told the site that she was indeed aware of her ex-boyfriend’s social media updates and the fact that he had been doing them on a regular basis. She went on to say that she did not know how she felt about Carter’s advances in that it had been so long since their last union, she did not understand why he was still so invested in something that had occurred so long ago and for not even that long of a time length. She also made reference to the fact that she is technically still married as of this point, and is also a mother to her one child, a son named Luca. Duff struggled with her attempts to make it clear to Carter that their relationship is over but still be considerate of her feelings, something that seemed to resonate with him shortly after the fact. He posted a social media update soon after, in which he detailed his plans to stop expressing his feelings via the internet and his understanding of her current situation and priorities.

It remains to be seen how Hilary Duff feels about Aaron Carter’s most recent social media post regarding his longing for their reconnection. The 27-year-old has yet to make comment surrounding the matter.

By Rebecca Grace

Entertainment Tonight
Hollywood Life
Photo by Victoria Pickering – Flickr License

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