American Idol Winner Phillip Phillips Gets Engaged to Longtime Girlfriend

Former American Idol winner Phillip Phillips, who won the title at the end of the show’s 11th season,  has become engaged to his girlfriend of several years, Hannah Blackwell. The singer announced the good news via a picture on his personal Facebook account, showing the pair looking ecstatic while the girl showed off her engagement ring to the camera.

The proposal in question occurred on Christmas day, and is said to have gone off without a hitch (aside from the impending one, of course.) Phillips had been planning a yet unknown method of popping the question for quite some time prior to the day, and upon bringing out the ring his now fiancée said yes immediately. He attributed the successful proposal to being his best Christmas surprise, going on to announce to everybody on his social media page that the two were now officially engaged.

Blackwell herself took to Instagram shortly after accepting her boyfriend’s invitation to marry him, sharing a composite photograph of her ring and a childhood holiday ornament with a caption that detailed her absolute elation at the circumstances that had recently unfolded in her life. She gushed about how she had been dreaming about marrying a man like Phillips for over 20 years at this point, and that she is absolutely overwhelmed with how happy this instance has made her.

Phillips and his fiancée met each other when they were both involved with volunteering for the same women & children’s center. They have been together since, with Blackwell supporting her man front and center during his aforementioned run on American Idol. She was present for almost every live show and rehearsal, wanting to support him as best as she possible could during their time apart regardless of the distance and stress his participating in said reality singing competition put on their relationship.

The reaction to the pair’s engagement has been mixed. While millions of die-hard fans are ecstatic for the singer in his time of celebration and are behind him 100 percent regarding his impending marriage to Blackwell, others are hesitant to break out the party favors just yet. Shortly following Phillips’ win on Idol, the winner’s love interest began to garner some slightly negative attention regarding her alleged need to be by the singer’s side at all times, something that fans complained put a barrier between he and them in terms of meeting and getting autographs, etc. Blackwell reportedly was not too keen on allowing her boyfriend to get too friendly with female fans, cutting off their interaction as soon as she possibly could in order to make sure they did not have too much contact. Also, it was rumored that she would make her way into meetings being held between Phillips and his managers, inputting her opinion whenever she felt necessary and not entirely understanding that she was not part of the discussion whatsoever. These allegations, although supported by multiple P2 (as his fans call him) admirers, have yet to be legitimately confirmed.

Former American Idol winner Philip Phillips and his girlfriend Hannah Blackwell have become engaged, with the impending nuptials being confirmed on Christmas day. However, any kind of proposed date or time-frame for the event has yet to be revealed.

By Rebecca Grace

Huffington Post
Photo by ElizabethHudy – Flickr License

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