Frozen Hit Goes Tribal in Epic Re-Make [Video]


This tribal version of Let It Go with the One Voice Children’s Choir, and the beautiful vocals of Lexi Walker has gone viral on social media. Opening with a tribal flare it is apparent to the viewer that this is no ordinary remake of the hit song. Made by Go Big Films and directed by Masa Fukuda the visual components are as compelling as the singing itself.

New comer Lexi Walker plays the ice queen and does an amazing job at nailing this most challenging of vocals. This 12-year-old Utah native has had a love of singing since she was just two. She started by singing the national anthem at football games which got her noticed on YouTube, and her star role in the remake of Frozen‘s  Let It Go has gotten her over 55 million views. The little red-headed powerhouse has an impressive resume already, and it includes appearances on the hit show America’s Got Talent  and Good Morning America. She has even performed for the troops at the Kennedy Center, which she considers one of her most important gigs to date.

The video here also includes the One Voice Children’s Choir which has dedicated itself to positive messages through their non-profit organization. This organization is known for giving kids musical appreciation, while sharing their talent in a positive way using positive messages. The group is exceptionally impressive in this video, not to mention how adorable they all are. They are vocally adept, and are highlighted in several spots in this mini production of the hit from the movie Frozen. Directed by Masa Fukuda this troop of tiny singers has won Best in State for Arts and Entertainment. The choir and their director are also winners of a contest in Japan, the John Lennon-Yoko Ono International Dream Power.

Fukuda began entering his choir in competitions at his grandmothers urging, and at the time he had singers ranging from four to 13-years-old, a total of 12 in all. His grandmother is the one who found a flyer for the contest, noting that the man on the flyer was someone she thought to be important in the music field. He came to the states to work on his passion and in doing so created the One Voice Children’s Choir, they recorded a song for Christmas, Innocence of Youth, which is what got the notice of those running the contest in Japan. Now Fukuda can add this viral video to the choir’s resume, as they seamlessly sing the Frozen hit song, along with Lexi Walker.

Go Big Films produced the viral version of the Frozen mega hit, and did so with true music video creativity and expertise. It flows effortlessly through each scene and the ice and snow looks so realistic one would think the people in the video were freezing. Timing, angles, and great shots of the singers is what Go Big is known for. They have done many projects for a variety of customers, ranging from their exceptional photography to music videos such as this one. This video production company will certainly have an impressive notch on their belt with this creative rendition of the Frozen song.

by Kristi Cereska


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