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Homeland: 13 Hours in Islamabad (Recap/Review)


HomelandIt was pretty obvious that Homeland‘s 13 Hours in Islamabad episode will be tense and packed with action, since the previous episode ended with a huge cliffhanger. Haqqani’s agenda was finally revealed and as he created a distraction outside the embassy, he and his men were seen entering the tunnel underneath the embassy.

After the RPG attack on the convoy that was escorting Saul back to the embassy, Martha tells Quinn that this was just a diversion, because Haqqani’s plan was to get rid of the marines. When they sent all of the marines to the explosion site, the embassy became vulnerable and Haqqani can now attack. Martha tells Peter that Haqqani knows about the tunnel and he decides to check it out. Soon, Quinn realizes that Haqqani and his men are already in the building.

Carrie and Saul survived the attack, but Redmond is dead. When the marines receive an order to return to the embassy immediately, they are attacked. There are several snipers around them and there is no way to escape. So, Carrie calls Aasar and she asks him for help, but when he wants to make a call to send his men to help, Tasneem stops him and she tells him to wait 10 minutes. Aasar realizes that she is working with Haqqani and Tasneem tells him that the Americans have to leave Pakistan, because they have been around for far too long.

Back at the embassy, Lockhart orders everyone to burn all documents and destroy all hard disks. Lockhart escapes with the list of all CIA assets just in time, because in the next second, Haqqani enters the room and he starts shooting. He is actually looking for that list and as he takes a few people hostage, Haqqani continues his way to the vault, where Martha, Lockhart and some other people are hiding. Haqqani tells Martha that he wants that list, but she tells him that she is following the protocol. So, he starts killing people and when he takes Fara, Haqqani threatens to cut her throat and Lockhart tells him that he will give him the list. Well, as soon as Haqqani gets that list, he stabs Fara and he kills her. Luckily, Quinn sees everything and as he starts shooting the Taliban, he also hits Haqqani, but he and a couple of his men manage to escape.

Finally, backup at the explosion site arrives, but several marines are already dead. When Carrie and Saul return to the embassy, they see the devastation and Mathison is crushed when she hears that Fara is dead. Later that day, Lockhart tells her that the White House is breaking of diplomatic relations and they are all being evacuated the next morning. However, Quinn is determined to find Haqqani, so he interrogates Saul, because he believes that he might remember something useful from the time when he was Haqqani’s prisoner. Carrie interrupts Peter and she tells him that they are leaving, but he does not take the news very well. In fact, he leaves the embassy and he is immediately followed. Well, this is exactly what he wants, since he pulls of a maneuver and he takes their driver hostage. The next morning, Lockhart and Carrie realize that Peter is gone and she asks him to give her five days, because she does not want to leave Quinn behind. Lockhart tells her that she has five days, but she is on her own, because they are all leaving.

There are only two more episodes left before the Homeland season finale and Carrie will most certainly do whatever it takes to find Peter. However, since his mission is to find and kill Haqqani, he will probably join forces with Carrie and try to end this once and for all. Next episode of Homeland, titled Krieg Nicht Lieb, will air on Dec. 14 on Showtime.

By: Janette Verdnik