Las Vegas Area Elementary School Seeing Heavy Police Action

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Las Vegas

A Las Vegas area elementary school is seeing a heavy police presence as action from  a traffic dispute appears to have spilled over onto the school grounds.The CT Sewell Elementary School in Henderson, Nevada is currently surrounded by police vehicles.  What appeared to be a pursuit of one vehicle by another past the school took a turn when the car being chased suddenly stopped and began to back up. That vehicle ran into a police vehicle on the scene, then the driver got out of the car and ran through the school. Witnesses on the scene say that the individual was chased, challenged and caught by police from a SWAT vehicle dispatched to the scene.  No details about the individuals involved, including the people in the vehicle involved in the initial pursuit, have been released. No reports of any injuries have been made, and it appears that the children in the school were not harmed in any way by the actions of either the suspect or the police. Further details are expected to be released by Las Vegas police as the scene is secured.

By Jim Malone

Reporter live viewing incident at CT Sewell Elementary