‘Mob Wives’ Star Natalie Guercio’s Boyfriend Stabbed in Brooklyn Nightclub

Natalie Guercio, one of the stars of VH1’s hit reality drama series Mob Wives, recently experienced a terrifying scare when her boyfriend was stabbed and slashed by an unknown assailant at a Brooklyn bar last night. The man’s injuries are not fatally, but are most certainly very serious and have sent authorities scrambling to find out who his attacker was and why this action was committed against him.

The pair were at popular New York hotspot Output Club on Friday evening when the assault went done. London Rene has told cops that he and his partner were minding their own business when a stranger came up to them and took a box cutter to the side of Rene’s face with absolutely no warning, verbal or otherwise. The attacker slashed the side of the reality television star’s face, then proceeding to take his weapon upon Rene’s abdomen and left arm. Guercio’s man was left with an extremely large facial wound as a result of the incident, and had to be rushed to hospital immediately. His injuries were so severe that NYPD officials are giving the statement that the man is lucky to be alive at all, given the deepness of said facial abrasion.

The man in question fled the scene immediately, and while cops are not yet sure of his identity or the aforementioned reason for the crime, Rene did admit to them that he knew who the man was and that they had a previous connection prior to the attack, therefore ruling it out as a random occurrence. Guercio was reportedly at her boyfriend’s side the entire time the incident took place, although her involvement in the matter is not yet known (in terms of whether or not she tried to protect him, was the one to call the police after, etc.) It is still unclear what the suspect’s motive was, and NYPD’s investigation is still going full-steam ahead in the wake of the attack.

This is not the first time Guercio has found herself in a less than ideal situation involving violence and personal turmoil. Back in March of this year, Guercio got into an altercation with a bouncer at Delilah’s Gentleman’s Club in Philadelphia in which punches were thrown from either party and authorities were called to the venue in order to try to settle the matter. The reality star’s camp gave the statement that the bouncer hit first, leaving her with a bruised face that she had to be taken to hospital in order to have examined. The woman decided she did not want to press charges following her release from said facility, and nothing more is said to have come from the incident.

Her boyfriend is reportedly no stranger to public violence either. Around this time last year, Rene got into it with another partygoer at the NYC premiere party for the most recent season of Mob Wives. Although it began simply as a verbal argument, things quickly escalated and the scene ended up with more than 10 people at the venue getting into a flurry of fistfights and similar physical altercations. By the time police arrived at the scene, however, the scuffle had broken up and no investigation ended up going through.

It remains to be seen whether or not NYPD will locate the man responsible for the stabbing of Mob Wives star Natlie Guercio’s boyfriend London Rene. More information surrounding the investigation has yet to come to light.

By Rebecca Grace

Mail Online

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