Ohio Police Arrest Mom of Missing Boy


Ohio police have arrested the mother of a 14-month-old boy who is missing after being left on the porch of a home on Columbus on Tuesday. Authorities have started a recovery search due to the belief that the boy may be dead. Officers conducted a search all day, utilizing divers and a helicopter after the mother, Dainesha Stevens admitted that she left the boy, along with a male acquaintance. She said they left the boy on a stranger’s porch because they were lo longer able to take care of him.

The boy, Cameron Beckford, from Maryland, was abandoned Friday night in Ohio. When last seen he was wearing gray pants, a puffy style black coat, a gray elephant hat and red boots. Police released further details about the boy saying he is black, has brown eyes and his has a mohawk hair cut. His mother has been charged with tampering with evidence and child endangerment.

According to Columbus police spokes man, Sgt. Rich Weiner, information that investigators obtained switched the search to a recovery effort. There is no clear indication at this time what information the police obtained to make that decision.

By Carl Auer

NBC News
Photo by Jack – Flickr License

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