Suspected Arrested in Stabbing of Natalie Guercio’s Boyfriend London Rene

The key suspect in last weekend’s stabbing of Natalie Guercio’s boyfriend London Rene has been placed under arrested. Rololdpho “Rudy” Lopez turned himself into NYPD authorities late Tuesday night, following a day-long hunt to verify his whereabouts and bring him in for questioning surrounding the events that had taken place this past Sunday night in Brooklyn, New York.

Lopez voluntarily walked into a Brooklyn PD station last night, upon which time authorities took him into custody regarding the aforementioned incident in which he alleged took a box cutter to Rene’s face and caused him so suffer sever injury and subsequently need over 200 stitches in order to survive. Upon taking the man into booking, authorities telephoned Guercio and Rene in order to get a better sense of whether or not they had caught the right man, ie. to get the couple to identify the individual they had just brought into custody. Upon the couple successfully confirming Lopez’s identity, he was booked for three separate charges; criminal possession of a weapon, felony assault, and reckless endangerment.

The self turn-in came mere hours after NYPD had issued a state-wide alert regarding the man, telling everyone in the area to keep a lookout for Lopez and to call the appropriate authorities if they had any information on his whereabouts or anything else to do with the crime in question. Guercio herself was also highly involved in the investigation, taking to her personal Instagram account to share an update regarding the circumstances, begging her followers and admirers to call the tip line mentioned in her post, or to ring 911 instead.

The attack in question took place at Brooklyn’s popular Output club, where Guercio and London were enjoying a casual night out together this past Saturday night, which turned into early Sunday morning when the incident occurred. The pair was reportedly minding their own business and enjoying their leisurely time together when Lopez approached them and struck without warning, taking the aforementioned box cutter to the side of London’s face and slashing him fiercely. He then turned the weapon on to the 37-year-old’s left arm and abdomen, an attack in total which resulted in authorities telling the press that the man was lucky to be alive at the end of it. He fled the scene as soon as he had finished what he came to the club to do, and by the time police had arrived at the venue Lopez was long gone and nowhere near the vicinity for cops to track him down following the incident in question having taken place.

Rene did not hesitate to relay the information to police officers forthwith that he knew his attacker from the start, although he did not go into any further detail surrounding this matter. He did, however, recently tell TMZ that the attack in question was most likely fueled by motive regarding a longstanding rumor related to Lopez, though he did not give any details as to what this rumor was or why it would have sent the man into such a violent rage.

It remains to be seen what charges await Rodolpho “Rudy” Lopez over last weekend’s attack on Natalie Guercio’s boyfriend London Rene. More information on the case has yet to be revealed.

By Rebecca Grace

Mail Online
NY Daily News