Pakistan Fire at Mall Kills 13 People

An electrical fire at a shopping mall in Pakistan has resulted in 13 people being killed, unable to escape the blaze. The fire started when a short-circuit occured within one of the mall shops, and the flames quickly spread to encompass a large area near the front of the mall. With no back exit, escape became difficult for those who were trapped.

According to Mohammed Usman, a government representative at the scene, those that perished in the fire from suffocation and burns included at least one woman and child. Fire services were on hand quickly, and assisted those who were not mortally wounded to ambulances as they fought the fire. Pakistan government representatives, including Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, expressed sorrow and grief over the incident, and urged support for the relief and rescue efforts.

This shopping center is the oldest one in the city of Lahore, a center of culture in the region. Officials will be completing a thorough investigation once the scene is determined to be completely secured, and all hotspots are under control.

By Jim Malone


Image courtesy of Saad Sarfraz Sheikh – Flickr License