Revenge Mid-Season Finale: Atonement (Recap/Review)

revengeThe creators of Revenge hinted that someone’s journey in the show will end during the mid-season finale, however, the death that happened in the Atonement episode’s final moments, surely left the viewers speechless. It was a tense and great episode, from start to finish and in the end, another surprising revelation happened.

After Emily started suspecting that Kate is working for Malcolm in the previous episode, Nolan is now trying to find some dirt on her. However, when he checks her records, Nolan tells his best friend that it makes him write a letter of recommendation for her, because she is flawless. Well, Emily does not give up so fast and because she is certain that Kate is working for Malcolm, she decides to take a look at her hotel room. She plants some cameras and while she is leaving the hotel, Emily stumbles upon Ben, who tells her that Jack and Kate are now an item. So, Emily visits Jack and she shares her suspicions and despite the fact that he does not know what to believe, he is glad that Ems warned him.

Meanwhile, Nolan is having a party for reopening his yacht club later that night, but he is still angry at himself for betraying Louise. So, he pays her a visit and he apologizes, but Louise is not ready to forgive him. However, he tells her that he can help her put that story about her father in her rearview. Nolan believes that if Louise co-hosts his party, the media will have something else to write about. Since they are both fixtures of the tabloids, the two of them hosting a party would most definitely make the headlines. Louise likes the idea and it appears that Nolan really knew what string to play.

Victoria is very angry with David, because he did not tell her about Malcolm. However, he tells her that he will deal with this and that she needs to trust him. David visits an old friend from prison, who gives him Atropa belladonna, a poison that can take down a 200-pound man and not only it makes it look like a stroke, it is also untraceable. While David is visiting his friend, Victoria is also heading out. However, when she opens the door, Kate is outside. She tells Victoria that she has some questions about the attack on David and then she shows the picture of Emily, which Vicky gave to her informant. Well, Victoria soon connects the dots and she realizes that Kate is actually working for Malcolm. She tells Kate that Emily and Amanda were very close and that Ems would to anything to protect David. Plus, she has a lot of money and she can pay back every cent to Malcolm. When Kate asks her why is Emily so protective, Vicky tells her that it is up to her to find the connection.

Later that night, Jack comes to Nolan’s party with Kate. After Nolan “accidentally” spills his drink all over Kate’s dress, she goes into the lady’s room. Emily follows her and while the two of them are talking, Ems steals Kate’s phone from her purse. FBI agents are supposed to report if they have a secondary phone and Kate did not report hers, so Emily believes that she is using it to contact Malcolm. And now that she has this phone in her possession, Nolan can pinpoint Malcolm’s exact location. During the party, David also appears, but he sneaks behind Emily’s back and he tells her not to turn around. He apologizes to his daughter for keeping her in the dark, but he cannot have Emily involved in what will happen next. David tells Emily that it is all a part of a larger plan and when Ems asks him not to go after Malcolm alone, David is already gone.

Nolan successfully retrieves the data from Kate’s phone and Ems asks Jack to distract his date so that she can return her phone without Kate realizing that it is missing. Well, in the next second, Kate faces Emily and she tells her that she believes that she has her phone. And not only that, Kate apparently figured out that Emily is Amanda. Kate tells Emily that she did not come there to fight and that the two of them should talk somewhere more private, because she is being followed all the time. Apparently, Kate needs Emily’s help, because Malcolm has her mother and he is forcing Kate to work for him, just like he forced David. Ems tells Kate too meet her in Grayson Manor in 30 minutes.

Victoria discovers that Margaux is pregnant and she looks very excited. Well, Margaux tells her that she is thinking about having this baby alone and Vicky tells her that she was once in the same situation. However, Daniel loves Margaux and Victoria believes that he is not like Conrad. Margaux has no idea what to do, because it is not just about her anymore, it is about her child also. Later that night, Victoria meets with Daniel, who tells his mother that Margaux was right and that he did change. When Vicky says that she is only reacting out of fear, Daniel confesses that this is exactly what he has been doing for most of his life. He walked away from Sara after the accident, he sided with Conrad and he even shot Emily. Daniel also tells Vicky that they have to stop lying and that she should tell David the truth about what she did to him. Before he leaves, Daniel says that they are nothing special and that they are cowards, but if he gets the chance, he will teach his child to be better than that. Apparently, he is tired of running and he hopes that his mother is too. After that, Daniel leaves and when he goes to Grayson’s old house, Margaux calls him while he is sitting on the beach. She tells him that she was the one who was running, but she realized that the two of them can be better together. So, she asks him to come home, because she and the baby need him.

After a long day in the city, Victoria comes home and David is already waiting for her. While he is pouring wine for the two of them, he tells Vicky that he took care of everything. Well, a surprising thing happens when he puts the poison into one of the glasses. Does he want to poison Victoria? Why? As they sit down in front of the fire-place, David gives Vicky her glass. Just when it looks like she will take a sip, she puts the glass down and says that she cannot keep doing this. Amazing, but Daniel’s words apparently worked and Vicky admits that she stole David’s computer and she gave it to Conrad. Victoria tells David that she betrayed him and he tells her that she ruined his life for money. Vicky replies that she was afraid of him when she learned the truth about his wife Kara. David told Victoria that she was dead, but she was not. And when David tells Vicky that Amanda was too young to understand that her mother is sick, Vicky tells him that she would understand, but he chose to lie into her face. So, she acted out of rage, because the moment she needed David the most, he made her doubt in him and he never told her the truth. She tells David that she regretted this decision ever since and that she is very sorry.

Kate comes to the Grayson Manor and she tells Emily that she has enough money to make sure that Malcolm will stop attacking David. Apparently, David stole almost every cent from Malcolm and he gave it to several different charities. However, Malcolm does not believe that David gave that money away, so he sent Kate to find it. She has a plan to take Malcolm down when he will go to claim the money that Ems will wire into an account that only he can access. Well, Emily is not buying her story, so she asks Kate when was she planning on killing her. Kate pulls out her gun and she replies that she was planning on killing Ems after they got her money, but the plan has changed. Emily realizes that Kate’s story about her mother was a lie and a real shocker came when Kate replied. Apparently, her mother is with Malcolm, but this is because he is Kate’s father. Kate asks Emily what tipped her off and she tells her that she never believed her, she only wanted to get Kate away from the innocent civilians and in front of her security cameras. Kate’s cover is now blown and she and Emily get into a really ugly fight.

Meanwhile, Nolan and Jack are celebrating, since Nolan’s party was a great success. Well, his computer starts beeping and he apparently got Kate’s fingerprint results back. Jack takes a look and he immediately tells Nolan to call Emily and to tell her not to leave Kate inside her house. Nolan looks surprised and Jack runs to help Emily. She and Kate are still fighting like crazy and since they make a lot of noise, Daniel, who is still at the beach, runs to the house to see what is going on. He sees Emily on the floor and he tries to help her, but she tells him to run. Well, too late, because Kate sees him and she shots him twice. She points the gun to Emily, but luckily, Jack comes just in time and he shots Kate. Daniel is very badly injured and Ems tells him that it was not all a lie, not with him. Daniel tells her that he knows that and then he closes his eyes. So, Daniel was the one, who said his goodbyes in the mid-season finale and honestly, despite the fact that he was such a douche, it was sad to see him die. Especially now, when Margaux finally forgave him and he was supposed to start his own family.

Mid-season finale of Revenge most certainly brought some great twist, however, Daniel dying was not expected at all. Revenge returns in March, 2015 and it will be interesting to see how things will develop and what Emily and David will do next.

By: Janette Verdnik


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