Sir Elton John Takes a Tumble at Charity Tennis Match [Video]

Sir Elton John took quite the tumble during a charity tennis match he was attending earlier today. The singer was attempting to seat himself in a chair located on the sidelines of the game, when he missed his target entirely and instead was sent tumbling backwards onto the floor.

The England native was attending said match at London’s infamous Royal Albert Hall when the incident occurred, and unfortunately for him the entire thing was captured on camera. The Goodbye Yellow Brick Road hit-maker had just finished shaking the hand of a player he supported who had just wrapped up a play, and was making his way back to his seat. Upon trying to situate himself in the aforementioned chair, the 67-year-old appeared to misjudge where the seat was and wound up flipping the chair itself flat backwards onto the floor, with himself in it. After the chair turned sideways and emptied the man onto the ground area, John picked himself up amidst a somewhat substantial amount of awkwardness with said tennis player as well as those who surrounded him in the seating area he had chosen. To make matters slightly more uncomfortable, both the sideline reporter as well as the crowd struggled to hold in their laughter regarding what had happened to the man, with the reporter quickly caving in to something akin to a fit of giggles after watching John’s somewhat comedic misfortune.

The multi-Grammy winning entertainer Johns is not the first to engage in a nasty spill and have the instance broadcasted to the media for all to become aware of. Recent Dancing With The Stars cast member Jonathan Bennett, best known for his role as Aaron Samuels in the iconic 2004 smash hit comedy Mean Girls, recently ended up incredibly injured as a result of an interpretive dance gone horribly wrong. He and a few friends were attempting a comedic skit-like visual recording of the classic Bette Midler track Wind Beneath My Wings, when the 33-year-old tried to complete a rather dangerous action stunt involving a staircase, one which did not in any manner of speaking go the way in which it was planned. Bennett ended up flying off the hand railing of said staircase, upon which time he lost his grip and was sent crashing onto the tiled floor below. The actor’s injuries consisted of two broken ribs, as well as the result of him having his arm in a sling for a total of two months following the accident.

While John’s accident was a result of a simple every day action, Bennett suffered his injury while engaging in a mock prep session for his upcoming stint on DWTS. Shortly following the stunt gone wrong, the Ohio native was convinced that his lack of good health would prevent him from being on the show at all, and that he would have to drop out due to what had happened. His worries went unwarranted, however, and the actor went on to finish in ninth place with his partner Allison Holker, after several weeks of less than stellar reviews.

It is yet unknown how Elton John feels about his literal fall from grace being documented on camera. The legendary entertainer has yet to give any comment on the matter.

By Rebecca Grace

TMZ Sports
Sydney Morning Herald
Photo by David Shankbone – Flickr License

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