Slash Files for Divorce From Wife of 13 Years

Former Guns ‘N’ Roses lead guitarist Slash has filed for divorce from his wife of 13 years. The rocker’s decision to officially separate comes shortly after Perla Ferrar reportedly issued an ultimatum in regards to their marriage: either they resolved their issues by New Year’s, or she herself was going to pull the plug on the situation entirely.

The 49-year-old responded to said ultimatum by filing the aforementioned documents earlier today, December 30. He lists the date of separate as June 15, 2014. He is requesting joint physical and legal custody of the couple’s two children; they have two boys, a 12-year-old named London and a 10-year-old named Cash.

Ferrar left the pair’s L.A. home this past Sunday and jetted out to Hawaii with the two boys, leaving Slash the message that he had better put in a more significant effort to patch things up between them or else she would walk for good this time. In regards to “this time”, it relates to the fact that is not the first instance in which the two have experienced marital problems to the point that they were considering or ready to head to splitsville for good. Back in 2010, Slash took his first stab at divorce by filing the appropriate documents, a move that did not last very long after he and Ferrar chose to work out their difference shortly after.

In terms of the repercussions that the rocker may face if he truly decides to go through with the divorce this time, it is reported that his wife is in fact his manager regarding his record company and any continuous records he releases or has any intent to. She also runs all his other various companies, making the pair’s separation slightly more messy and complicated than most would be given the pair’s business relationship as well as their personal one.

Slash himself has certainly been making headlines for various reasons over 2014. Back at the end of July, he admitted to a TMZ photographer the extreme lengths he had once gone to in order to be intimate with an old girlfriend…a circumstance that escalated into he and the girl drugging her mother in order for the pair to enjoy an interruption-free session of intercourse, next to the woman, while she slept off the effects of the unknown drug the couple had given her. The story came to light when said cameraman asked Slash where the most outlandish place he had ever had sexual relations with a woman was, and the London-born musician did not hesitate in revealing exact details in order to answer the paparazzo’s question to the fullest. He did not hint in the slightest that he regretted this endeavor, going on to say that going through with the act in question was acceptable anywhere as long as one could properly get away with it. He was 13 at the time.

It remains to be seen whether or not Slash and estranged wife Perla Ferrar will call their marriage quits for good this time. The woman has yet to respond to her husband’s recent divorce petition.

By Rebecca Grace

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