Supernatural Midseason Finale Teases Return of Deanmon [Video]


As many fans have hoped, the midseason finale of Supernatural trailer has teased the return of Deanmon. Dean Winchester finally admits that the Mark of Cain is still affecting him, and he needs someone to do something drastic. Rather than turn to his brother, he is turning to Castiel for help. The question is whether the fading angel can really help.

This season has hinted that Castiel is on his way out. He suffered from fading grace for the first three episodes, until Crowley stole grace and fed it to him. However, how long will that grace last? He has barely been seen this season, but there are hints that he will suffer in the Supernatural midseason finale, and it may occur at the most crucial moment.

The teaser for episode nine of season 10 shows flashes of Dean surrounded by dead bodies, and it looks like he has been responsible for them all. What is not clear is whether they are human or supernatural creatures, but one this is clear is that there is fear in his eyes. He knows what the Mark of Cain is doing to him. It is a complete 180 after the discussion he had with brother Sam this week, when he told him that he did not feel the pull of the Mark.

During the teaser, Dean turns to Castiel for help. He simply asks the angel to kill him so he does not give into the dark side. Becoming a demon is not something that he can handle. However, fans know that this cannot be the end of Dean Winchester. It means that the Supernatural midseason finale trailer has teased the return of Deanmon.

To make it stand out more, Crowley makes an appearance in the trailer, telling someone that they have not changed. While it is not 100 percent clear who the demon is talking to, there is a high chance he is talking to Dean. Shortly after, the camera flashes to Dean laughing almost easily. That could be a flash back to when he was Deanmon at the start of the season, but it is not entirely clear.

Season 10 of Supernatural has received mix reactions from fans. While some have applauded the writers moving on from Deanmon and bringing the brothers back together, others have complained. They believe that the writers ended the storyline far too quickly, especially with the amount of time focused on soulless Sam in season six and evil Castiel in season seven. It was time to give Dean the meaty storyline, and it never happened.

However, the writers have never forgotten about the Mark of Cain. Nor would they have forgotten that the curing for Deanmon was very different to the curing of Crowley. Feeding Deanmon the blessed blood caused pain and looked like it was almost killing him, unlike the way it affected Crowley. It is possible that Dean’s demonic side was simply suppressed for the time being until the Mark was able to affect him fully again.

Fans will have to wait until next week for the winter finale. Episodes recently have set it up to be all about the Mark of Cain, and the trailer for the midseason finale of Supernatural teases that Deanmon will return.

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