The Vampire Diaries: I Alone [Recap/Review]

The Vampire Diaries

Truths come out on this week’s episode of The Vampire Diaries, I Alone. Stefan finds out more about Sarah, while Alaric finds out more about the location of the Ascendant. At the same time, it’s time for Damon and Elena to attempt to save Bonnie from 1994 Mystic Falls.

Stefan is not happy that his brother compelled Alaric, and knows that Alaric will not be happy. However, Damon does not seem that bothered. The fact that Alaric compelled Elena to forget all about her love for a certain vampire, is it really that surprising?

However, it is all about Bonnie this episode; more importantly saving her. The problem is Jeremy does not take the news as people expect. He is moving on, and cancelled her cell phone so he cannot leave her messages anymore. To top things off, he is not certain this will work. Since when has anyone permanently died on The Vampire Diaries when it comes to the main cast? Maybe, never! Bonnie is going to come back.

Liv finally comes out of hiding and works with Damon and Elena to free Bonnie. She even has the Bennett blood needed, along with the Ascendant. The problem is Jo should not have given in so easily. Kai getting out of this “other side” is no laughing matter considering he is out to kill Jo, and she has no powers to protect herself.

Never mind, Liv sends Elena and Damon to 1994, and they are on a tight window; eight hours to be exact. At the same time, Kai is back in present-day Mystic Falls and is already on a psychotic rampage.

Some of the truth comes out about Sarah on The Vampire Diaries, I Alone. Mainly, Stefan points out that she is lying about her identity. The real Sarah Salvatore was adopted by a loving family, which Stefan ensured, and is a Duke student. It turns out Sarah’s name is Monique, and switched lives with the girl to have a better life. Somebody did not get the memo that it is no good being a Salvatore. Since it is dangerous for the real Sarah for someone to know that there is another Salvatore out there—because Stefan seemingly does not quite completely trust his brother—Stefan compels Monique to forget everything.

Enzo is not about to let anyone have a happy ending on The Vampire Diaries. He does not believe Stefan that Monique is not Sarah, so snaps the girl’s neck. Is this going to turn out to be a similar situation as Ivy where she comes back as a vampire? Will the writers really pull the same trick? They have had a lot of neck snapping lately.

While in the past, Elena and Damon find out that Bonnie is in Muncie, Indiana. While Bonnie is coming back to Mystic Falls, Elena finds out the whole truth from Damon. Of course, she still believes him to be the monster Alaric compelled him into, and he just thinks that he is there to reignite Elena’s love for Damon. The older Salvatore makes it clear that he is only there for Bonnie. There is hope for Bamon shippers on The Vampire Diaries after all.

Jo finds out that Alaric has taken the Ascendant, but it is too late to prevent Kai from coming back. Rather than going after his twin sister, he goes after his baby sister, though. Liv has no idea who he is until Kai hands over her ID and tells her everything. In true The Vampire Diaries style, the knight in shining armor turns up; Tyler.

To try and save everyone, Liv returns Elena and Damon early in hope that they have Bonnie. They do not, and Elena is devastated that they failed. To make matters worse, Kai destroys the Ascendant, making it impossible for them to try on the next celestial event. He is also back on his rampage in Mystic Falls, killing everyone. Poor Bonnie is stuck on the “other side,” and it really is I Alone for her on The Vampire Diaries.

Opinion by Alexandria Ingham




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