United Nations Rejects Palestinian Demands to End Occupation

United Nations

The United Nations (UN) has just announced that the Security Council has voted to reject a Palestinian resolution which demanded that they end the occupation of Israeli inside of three years. This attempt to get the international body to side with the Palestinian State in the historical conflict had little chance of success, as the United States was prepared to use its power of veto to prevent the resolution’s passage if necessary, but the vote proceeded anyway.

The resolution would have mandated a return to 1967 borders for an independent Palestine. Eight members of the United Nations council voted in favor, with the United States and Australia voting no. Five countries abstained, including Nigeria, who was originally expected to vote in favor. Members of the council expressed a determination to find a peaceful end to the ongoing conflict despite the failure of the resolution to pass. This included United States Ambassador Samantha Power, who indicated that the “no” vote was not an endorsement of the status quo, but a philosophy that the solution be found through sacrifice and negotiation rather than intervention from the UN.

By Jim Malone


Image courtesy of Carlos Vera, ECLAC – Flickr License

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