Walking Dead Fans Take to Social Media to Bring Back Beth

Walking DeadFans of The Walking Dead on AMC were in an uproar and took to social media to show their extreme agitation of Beth Greene, played by Emily Kinney, being shot and killed in the season finale, and they want her back. Beth has been a survivor and fan favorite for most of the series and when she was accidentally shot, viewers were appalled to see that the show really did kill her off. A petition was started and will be delivered to the shows producers and has over 50,000 signatures, demanding the return of Beth Greene. Sources of the National Report are saying that the producers are ready to figure out how to make this happen.

Looking at fan pages on social media outlets such as Twitter or Facebook, and one will see that hundreds of thousands believe that Daryl Dixon could and should have saved her. This die-hard Walking Dead fan base has even been sending quotes from the popular character’s lines to the production team, on non-other than plastic spoons.

According to FOX Networks spokesperson, Joshua Warren, he admits that they only killed off Beth to bring more attention to Daryl on the show. He also states that he believes that the storyline including Beth would still have potential. Warren states he is supporting the petition and has even signed it. He also admits that the producers are taking a look at their apparently bad decision to eliminate the character.

Facebook now has a “Beth Greene Deserved Better” page, where Walking Dead fans are encouraged to send thank you notes to the actress Emily Kinney. Twitter and Instagram have also created pages for the support of this movement to shame the show into somehow getting Kinney back in. Rumor has it that Robert Kirkman, the executive producer of the Walking Dead is working with the networks to somehow write Beth back in. Some believe that they will make this a dream sequence of Carol, played by Melissa McBride. Fans will likely buy this scenario as it seems as if Carol is in love with Daryl and it makes sense that she would dream of Beth’s death.

It speaks to the writing of the show that fans would become so attached to a character that they will not accept her demise. This phenomenon of mourning a character’s death also happened on a lesser level, when Hershel died, and most recently when Bob was killed. This however, has taken the meaning of upsetting the fans to a new level, and demands are pouring into the writers with idea’s of how to bring back the Walking Dead‘s favorite teenager.

So whether it is a dream sequence or the cast of characters trying to figure out how to get into the hospital, and rejecting the one that gets Beth killed, one thing is certain, there will be no peace for the writers until they figure it out.  Some fans have some of the most outrageous theories on how to bring this popular character back that are laughable. Reading from the Facebook page, it is obvious that people are infatuated with the once weak, grown strong character of Beth Greene. She is working on her music and has a few acting options in front of her, but fans will not be satisfied until she is out hunting zombies again on the Walking Dead.

by Kristi Cereska

National Report

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