Airplane Crashes in Hood Canal


Reports are coming in that a small airplane has crashed into the Hood Canal in Washington State on Monday. The Seattle Times is reporting that the Kitsap County Sheriff’s Office is currently searching for the airplane that was reported to have crashed. According to Sgt. Ken Dickinson, spokesman for the Kitsap County Sheriff’s Office relayed information to the media that there have been a number of reports of a small, red and white, air craft, believed to be a stunt airplane crashed into the water.

At this time, according to the Kitsap Couty Sheriff’s Office, there has not been any wreckage located at this time, however the search is ongoing until definitive information or the aircraft is found. At this time, the Coast Guard is assisting with the search. No information on who owns the suspected downed aircraft or how many people were on board has been released. Depending on the type of stunt plane, anywhere from one or more people potentially could have been on the airplane.

By Carl Auer

Photo by Doug Kerr – Flickr License
The Seattle Times

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