Bravo’s Greg Plitt Died Trying to Outrun Train


Bravo star Greg Plitt, who passed away this past Saturday after being struck by a train, is said to have met his fate after attempting a superhuman stunt in order to promote an energy drink. The incident occurred at around four in the afternoon and took place in Burbank, California.

The original story behind the 37-year-old’s demise was that he was shooting a new workout commercial, something he regularly chose to do and therefore did not arouse any kind of suspicion from those around him. This instance, however, was said to have taken a fatal turn when he stumbled onto the tracks and could not pull himself out in time before the train made contact with him.

This, however, was not the case; it has been revealed that it was Plitt’s intent to be directly on the tracks the whole time in order to make his point. He was advertising the alleged superhuman-like strength of the beverage, and decided he could prove its truth by outrunning a speeding train. Plitt takes his position on the train tracks shortly before the train begins approaching, and took a runner’s stance before bolting as fast as he could in the other direction upon the locomotive coming into his viewpoint. Despite his best attempts to out-race it, the train caught up with him within a few seconds and clipped him, sending him flying off the track and to his death. He was said to be accompanied by a few other individuals, who caught the incident on video (this footage was instantly seized by law enforcement in order to better review the situation to determine exactly what went down.)

Officials have given the report that the scene of the event contained several energy drink bottles surrounding the track area where Plitt attempted the stunt in question, and believe that the man may well have been overly hopped up on caffeine when he made the decision to attempt the outrunning of said locomotive. An interview was held with one of the aforementioned individuals involved in the commercial shoot, who said that Plitt was attempting to literally prove the product’s claim of making one feel and be able to act like Superman, in that they could achieve impossible things if they consumed the beverage as directed.

Plitt is known for the Bravo television show Work Out, which churned out four seasons of the course of just under two years. Its premise was to detail the trials and tribulations of Jackie Warner, an openly gay fitness trainer in California trying to build up a client base for her new facility located in Beverly Hills, entitled Sky Sport & Spa. The final season of the show centered mainly around Plitt, detailing his workout life and his endeavors to film commercials/promotional footage for an impending upcoming reality television show.

The official cause of death listed for Bravo star Greg Plitt was written as blunt force trauma due to the impact of the train. His memorial, to be held this Saturday in Beverly Hills, is said to be open to the public as per the arrangements of his family.

By Rebecca Grace

People Magazine
Los Angeles Times
Photo by Canology – Flickr License

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  1. Jacob   January 22, 2015 at 1:11 pm

    I don’t think he would have wanted to gone any other way than in danger.

  2. Jennifer Pfalz   January 21, 2015 at 6:20 pm

    Just one dumb decision and everything is gone. Sad.

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