China IL Season Three Being Worked on

In 2008, Cartoon Network’s late night block Adult Swim, aired a pilot episode from Brad Neely, creator of both comics Baby Cakes and The Professor Brothers. This spot in the “Super Deluxe” block would be the first television airing of what would be China IL. The show went on to air two seasons, the second of which ended November 23, 2014. Since then little has shown up from “The Worst College in America” however, rumor has it that season 3 is being worked on and could be coming in 2015.

Those unfamiliar with the show have plenty of time to familiarize themselves with Neely’s genius. However, as a word of caution, the show fits into the maturity ranking of most of the shows found on Cartoon Networks Adult Swim block. As a result most of the hilarious and possibly violent content can not be shown here, Youtube does however plays host to older Baby Cakes and Professor Brother comics/ songs. The combination of the two are what make up the world of China IL. Additionally seasons one and two of China IL can be found on the Adult Swim website. To put it nicely, prepare to be offended.

On January 14, 2015 Brad Neely tweeted about the third season, although he said very little. “Office Life. China, IL season 3 soon.” Back in October he tweeted that season 3 was in production. At this point it is fairly unknown for how close the season actually is to being finished. Whenever Neely tweets about the progress he remains vague but hopeful.

The possibility of more China IL is a godsend for comedy fans. True, shows like Family Guy and Archer push the envelope, but they normally transition back to their normal state after an extreme joke has been presented. The difference with China IL is that it takes that extreme joke and makes it the primary plot of the episode. For example, if Peter accidentally created a giant baby in a Family Guy episode he would likely make a joke about how it was like some famous actor and then go back to doing whatever he was doing. However, China IL instead takes the joke of a giant baby and makes it real, suddenly the whole college needs to work together to feed it, clean it, and consider killing it or letting it live.

Fans have been waiting for more Baby Cakes and the Professor Brothers since the second season finished in 2014. Luckily, this third season will have the same length episodes as season two. It is not known how far into production Neely and crew are, but they have been working on the project while remaining tight-lipped. Neely did reveal through twitter that he had some surprises lined up for 2015. Although it will be a while still before China IL season 3 is ready to air, seasons one and two can keep fans company from the Adult Swim website.

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  1. Rome   February 18, 2015 at 11:36 pm

    So did season 2 end in 2014 or 2013? Make up your mind!

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