Mexico City Chidren’s Hospital Gas Explosion Kills 7

Mexico City

A gas truck explosion at a Mexico City children’s and maternity hospital has killed 7 people, three of them children. There are 54 injured, and the possibility exists that there are still more people trapped in the debris. The explosion took place in a small 35-bed hospital catering to one of the lower middle-class neighborhoods in Mexico City. The blast happened when a gas truck was delivering to the hospital and hooked up near the kitchen. There was apparently a leak in the hose connecting the truck to the building to transfer the gas, and a spark ignited the firestorm.

Local residents flocked to the scene to assist. Even as the building burned and smouldered, people were coming the wreckage for anyone who might be trapped. While many escaped with minor wounds from the flying glass, some were not as fortunate. One man, though he is currently still alive, suffered burns on 90 percent of his body. At least 22 of the 54 people reported as injured were children. Initial reports said that first responders went immediately to what was left of the nursery, and that they were able to safely rescue 8 infants from there. Updated casualty reports are expected as the situation is brought under control and investigations can continue.

By Jim Malone


Image courtesy of Talea Miller – Flickr License

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