Oregon Dogs and Birds Rescued From Filth


Oregon Humane Society (OHS) is playing host to dozens of dogs and birds rescued from filthy living conditions at a breeding facility in southern Oregon’s Applegate region. on Wednesday, Jan. 28, 2015. Although animal control officials are keeping the name of the breeder anonymous, they did disclose that this is not the first incident with this individual who has received multiple warnings for keeping the animals in unsanitary surroundings. The district attorney is investigating the case and charges may be forthcoming. In the meantime, the dogs and birds are safe and receiving care in various locations around Oregon at this time.

The joint effort of the Oregon Humane Society and the Jackson County Sheriff’s office found 51 dogs, including 8 puppies and 12 birds suffering with illness, matted with fecal matter and urine stains and missing proper bedding areas. The kennels were soiled with urine and feces as well. The rescued dogs were small breeds such us Lhasa Apsos, schnauzers, King Charles spaniels and pugs along with the dozen rescued birds were macaws, parrots and cockatoos. OHS spokesperson David Lytle expressed joy in getting the animals out of the unsanitary filth and into a safe environment where they can receive proper care.

Lytle continued that they expect that in addition to skin and eye infections, many of the dogs will need dental work. OHS executive director Sharon Harmon assured the public that all the rescued animals will receive proper examinations and treatments by veterinary staff to return them good health. She explains that the Oregon breeder in question had plenty of warning and opportunity to right the wrongs, clean up and show good faith in trying to provide the animals with adequate care. The person chose to ignore repeated warnings from the Jackson County Animal Services and is now paying the consequences. She said it is difficult to see the animals poor condition but she is relieved that they are now safe in OHS’ care and can move forward with finding the quality of life they deserve.

OHS transferred 41 of the dogs to their northern Oregon shelter in the Portland metro area while Jackson County is overseeing the care of the other ten. Harmon describes the dogs as surprisingly friendly and resilient given the filth, neglect and lack of hygiene they have experienced. In spite of their ordeal, their wagging tails and receptiveness to meeting new people shows that they are more trusting and forgiving than most people would be.

The owner relinquished rights to the animals which will expedite the process of adoption once the filth is washed away and their health improves, allowing them to be placed with foster or forever families. OHS expects that it will take approximately 10 to 14 days for the dogs’ medical needs to be addressed and at least some of the rescued dogs and birds ready to be tagged as available for loving families or individuals to adopt. People interested in helping with fostering or adopting these Oregon dogs or others should visit the OHS website for more information.

By Tamara Christine Van Hooser


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Oregon Humane Society

Image courtesy of Kathleen Conklin – Flickr License

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