Xbox Live Free Games with Gold and PlayStation Plus Games for February

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With the beginning of February comes the free games from both Sony and Microsoft for PlayStation Plus and Xbox Live Gold members. While the Xbox One is getting one game, the Xbox 360 is getting two. The PlayStation 4 is being offered two games, as is the PlayStation 3 and the PS Vita. Ultimately, some very good games are being offered by both Sony and Microsoft this February.

The Xbox One starts off February with a rather unknown competitive eSports game called #IDARB. The muli-player sports game is kind of like a nonviolent soccer (football) version of Towerfall.

The first game of the month for the Xbox 360 is Brothers: A Tale of Two Brothers. It sounds like a cooperative title, but is actually a single player game. The player controls each character with an analogue stick in order to solve puzzles from multiple perspectives simultaneously. The game is rather short, but no puzzle mechanic is repetitively used, making the bulk of the game always feel rewarding and fresh.

Sniper Elite V2 is the lesser exciting of the two free Xbox 360 games. The third-person shooter got an 8 out of 10 from IGN, but most other critics were less enthused. The game was praised for the actual sniper system and criticized for the close-combat sections.

The two games on the PlayStation 4 include Transistor and Apotheon. Transistor is an impressive strategy / action game with a distinct setting and jazzy atmosphere. Apotheon is the lesser known action / platformer that actually releases onto the PlayStation store the same day members can get it free.

The PlayStation 3 is still getting great games. Yakuza 4 represents the Japanese underworld and all that goes with it. Known as one of the lesser recognized gems of the system, players that have yet to play the series will likely be surprised by how great this title is. Alongside Yakuza 4 is Thief. Putting on the shoes of Garrett, the player becomes a master thief as it becomes obvious that nothing is safe.

The PS Vita includes both Rogue Legacy and a new game as well. Kick and Fennick is a PS Vita exclusive that follows an adventurous boy named Kick that finds himself in a colorful desolate world. He soon begins his quest to save a small flying robot named Fennick.

Rogue Legacy has already become something of a cult classic. The game is a Roguelike, that has the player exploring a castle and the surrounding areas, the main goal is to take down all four of the big bosses to open a locked door. However, when the player dies the game does not end, the player can come back as the progeny of the dead hero. When this happens the player has a number of options for choosing their offspring, in this way the game is able to add new elements and abilities as the selection of offspring will change with each death. Some abilities vary from silly to extremely useful.

The beginning of February means more free games for Xbox Live Gold and PlayStation Plus members, many of which look quite good. The Xbox One is still only giving out one free game a month, but the PlayStation consoles are seeing quite an array of free titles. Remember, the PlayStation titles begin February 3 and last all month, but the Xbox 360 titles switch halfway through the month.

By Garrett Jutte

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