Spokane Valley Police Officer Shoots Suspect

A Spokane Valley police officer was involved in a physical altercation with a suspect which ended in an exchange of gunfire and the suspect shot. The incident took place near the intersection of East Cataldo and Barker when the officer made a traffic stop.

According to the initial report, the suspect attempted to give the officer invalid names when asked for identification, and then fled on foot from the vehicle. He left two female passengers in the car as he did. The officer, along with his K9 unit, pursued and caught up with the man. While struggling to subdue him, the suspect drew a weapon and fired on the officer, missing him. The officer returned fire, and did not miss. Once apprehended, the suspect was taken to a Spokane hospital in what was reported to be stable condition. The two female passengers were both arrested on undisclosed and unrelated outstanding warrants. Neither the officer not the K9 unit were injured in the exchange.

By Jim Malone


Image courtesy of Rilee Yandt – Flickr License

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