St. Louis Police Find Fatal Shooting Victim

St. Louis

St. Louis police are now at the scene where they found the victim of a fatal shooting after being called to the scene. No details have been released about the circumstances of the shooting, other than the fact that it did result in one person dying. It is not clear who made the initial call to police, and whether they were present for the shooting itself or were nearby. Police have not made an announcement about any arrests made, but they are conducting an investigation and interviewing witnesses and neighbors. More information about possible suspects is expected when that process is complete. No other injuries besides the fatality were reported.

The shooting took place in the O’Fallon neighborhood of St. Louis, just to the north of Fairground park on the 4000 block of Lee Avenue. As there has yet to be an arrest announced, neighbors in that area are choosing to avoid going near until more information is shared.

By Jim Malone


Image courtesy of Doug Wallick – Flickr License

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