Suge Knight Sought as Person of Interest in Hit and Run

Suge Knight

Los Angeles police have made an announcement and confirmed that rap personality Suge Knight is being sought as a person of interest in relation to a hit and run accident from this afternoon. Authorities confirm that they have been contacted by attorneys for Knight, and that he will be turning himself in at a location which has not been disclosed.  The incident took place in Compton, in a parking lot at the corner of Central and Rosecrans Avenues. There were two people hit in the accident.

Both individuals were taken to the hospital, but one of the victims was pronounced dead after arriving. The other is being treated for injuries, but there has been no update with respect to that person’s injuries. According to Knight’s attorney, his client was being attacked by two people while inside of his car at the time of the incident, and the two people were struck in the process of him making an escape from that attack. It is not known if the people hit and the attackers were the same people.

By Jim Malone


Image courtesy of Christopher Alameda – Flickr License

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